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I am trying to duplicate a site I created. I need a master copy and need to make a new one for student. I see a post in the help forum about using Drive to do this...But, I am not sure what is meant by launching Drive locally to do this. Has anyone else tried this? Ideas?

Here is the original question posted: Can I copy a site created in the NEW Google sites?

Here is a response to the question: Just figured it out.
If you have the Google Drive application installed, you can launch your Google Drive folder locally and copy/paste the folder. Rename it, and you have a duplicate of the site.
Just tested with an English 8 site so we could duplicate it for English 7. Worked great!

+dottotech I have recently been asked to help teachers use Calendar to schedule parent conferences. I am wondering if the following is possible when using the appointment slot feature. This is great!

Is it possible for a parent to book an appointment slot without creating a gmail account? (Besides calling the school and having us schedule it for them.)

Is it possible to limit an account to just one slot? Also, would this force the gmail account requirement as it does in Forms?

Is it possible to offer a time slot and allow it to show on multiple calendars, but different parents can signup for the different calendars? Would the calendar have the slot scheduled, but each calendar would have a unique published link - allowing different families to sign up for different teachers.

Basically, we have seven homeroom teachers for a middle school team. They would like to offer 15 minute slots to families, but don't want to use seven calendars. They are hoping to have one calendar and put the slots in as appointments...AND have seven different families see each slot as a possible option. Is this possible? Or, should this be done with seven different calendars? If so, is there a way to limit them to only signing up for a slot on one calendar vs. taking a spot on all seven at different times? AND would this also force a gmail account requirement?

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated!

I am trying to create a system for students to be accountable for entering some daily data and being able to see how the results compare to others with a running total and chart. I was thinking about using Forms and Sheets. Students would select their name from a dropdown list and enter their numbers (ex. Jenn 3478) Then calculating and chart display is the hard part for me. Is there an equation or step I can use in Sheets to look for each student's name and calculate their results and drop it into a chart? I am hoping students will be able to view the sheet and see a chart of all results with running totals from day to day. Students will be competing by entering daily step counts. Thoughts?

Is there a way to save a site so students are able to duplicate it as a template?

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+Eric Curts and others: I have students creating sites right now. I would like them to post a link (in Classroom) with VIEW access so their classmates can see some of the examples and ideas as they continue working. Our domain is not showing the drop down arrow allowing an editor to view. Instead it is locked as edit. They can post the published link, but then viewing partners have to keep refreshing and site creators have to keep clicking publish when they make changes.

I checked with my IT folks, and they thought it has to be this way for the NEW sites. If they change it, it changes something for other Drive items. I included a screenshot of the area.

Is this the same for other districts? Is it different for personal accounts? Any steps or screenshot about how to change this in the domain will be appreciated! Thanks!

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Any advice about recovering a deleted assignment? A teacher accidentally deleted it before checking all work. I know the work is still in Drive, but has Classroom added this as a feature or are we still at work around via Drive?

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What do your students have to say?
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Looking for the domain admin steps to push Google Expeditions to our Nexus tablets...the app isn't in Google Play for Edu, so I can't push it out. Wondering domain can push apps from Play Store to student tablets? If not, is there a domain admin step allowing students access to the Play Store like they gave for Chrome webstore? Screenshots would be awesome!
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