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Fred Tanner
Eco- friendly bed & breakfast inn owner/innkeeper, permaculturist & environmentalist.
Eco- friendly bed & breakfast inn owner/innkeeper, permaculturist & environmentalist.

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Anyone else still using Trip Advisor paid business listings? We received the dreaded renewal call a couple of weeks ago and learned our rate would increase 50%. We told the rep that we probably would not renew and followed up with a cancellation email notice to the designated TA rep that handles our account. We never heard back from him so called TA today to inquire about our cancellation. Our rep was out of town so we were transferred to another rep who said it "looks like it is not going to be renewed". Around 6 pm this evening we get an email showing they billed our credit card for renewal. We called TA again and they closed at 5pm. Can't do anything until monday. What an organization!!!!!

Anyone purchased their new chip reading credit card machine? We just received ours yesterday since it has been backordered for months.

When I set it up I ran some charges using my own credit cards to see how it works. Interesting that one of my newest chip cards I tried and the chip did not work. Had to key the information in.

My wife has had similar issues going through the checkouts (with the chip card) at some of the grocery stores and retailers. Makes you wonder if many are going to just use the swipe and not deal with the chip.

Also makes you wonder if the chips in some cards are not configured properly since other chips do work.

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Anyone seen this company? The web site is very close to Airbnb in terms of style and content. Terms for hosts look similar as well. Anyone list with them? We got an email from them.

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Another contest to win a b and b.

Interesting story on CBS News this morning about hotels and airlines dropping out of OTA sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia, etc for online bookings directly with the hotel. Hotels are tired of paying the commissions to these sites. Would prefer to offer the customer the deal directly through them. Wonder if TA will raise their business listing fee even more to make up for the lost revenues?

Anyone dislike Yelp as much as I do? They hassle you with phone calls trying to get you to advertise but the real clincher are their reviews.

We have 12 guest reviews for our inn with 6 additional reviews that they do not include because they deem them not valuable to the public (based on their computer algorythm). I read the other 6 and they are all from actual guests and seemed to contain valuable and accurate content about the guests' experiences at our inn.

Yelp is playing review police and it is wrong! Anyone else have this problem?

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Anyone do Apple Maps? We added our inn earlier this year but now are getting spam calls like google maps from businesses that want to charge a fee to add a listing. The listing is free and easy if you do not have one. Just go to the link below.

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Saw this posted on Facebook this morning.

I am sure many of you get telemarketing calls frequently like we do. We started getting a new type of call that is effective in keeping you on the phone longer. The caller asks about room availability for a date a few months from now. The caller has an "American" like accent. When you tell them that date is available they ask if you take credit cards? When you say yes they ask you to wait a minute and then the call is transferred to a call center operation with operators that sound like they are from India or Pakistan. They try and sell you credit card processing. By then you feel like your head is going to explode and hang up.
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