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"When you agree to work on a project, you make an ethical choice. The question of ethics begins with the clients you choose to take on, not the tactical design choices you make along the way."

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Hey! Did you know that TEDxWomen is going on today? You can tune in LIVE right now!

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Yeah! You heard 'em...if you don't like what's going on, SUBMIT to your Congress reps! It can be a letter, a video, a photo, a speech - whatever! It might be featured on our site...letters that are submitted will be delivered (in person!) if received by tomorrow! You can also email +Jessie Mannisto directly if you don't want it to be made public; +Alexis Antracoli and I will be watching the site!

Also, join our group on Facebook! There's some good discussion going on!

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We're all Americans, and nobody wants to see America fail, whether you're Democrat, Republican, Independent, or other/none of the above. There IS a better way! If you're tired of the political gridlock in Washington, JOIN UP! Join the cause, submit a video/letter/poster if you're so inclined, and SPREAD THE WORD!

[If this goes viral, +Jessie Mannisto will make sure your voices are heard at the Capitol next week!]
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