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Inner healing and deliverance ministry can show you real love.
Attractive and financially successful, forty-three year old Mallory had many men in her life, but still suffered extreme loneliness.  Every relationship with a man had been brief, sexual, and empty. Her entire life was one long string of sexual encounters and then disappointment.
     As a little girl, Mallory idolized her father. When he was home, she would follow him from room to room.  She longed for his touch or even just some attention. Her father rarely gave her a moment, or even a second look.
     Mallory was four when her father abandoned the family for another woman.  Mallory cried for months. Her father didn’t contact the family again for over five years. One day when she was ten, Mallory’s mother told her that her father wanted to keep her for the weekend.  Saturday morning, Mallory excitedly packed a small suitcase and waited by the front door.  An hour passed, then the whole day.  Mallory resumed her post again early Sunday morning.  The weekend ended, and still no father, he didn’t even call.  She was crushed and never saw him again.
      Mallory’s mother allowed her to date when she turned sixteen.  Her first date, held her hand, paid attention to her, and when he began to touch her sexually it felt so good, she just gave in.  As she laid next to him, Mallory thought, “This is Real love!”  Mallory was devastated when the boy told her he didn’t want to see her again.  This began a pattern of behavior, sex on the first date, and then abandonment. The pattern continued for twenty-seven years, till our appointment.
    I took Mallory back to that fateful night of her first date.  A tough sixteen year old personality came up, acting very seductive.  A tear soon welled up in her eye and the sixteen year old told me,  “I  hold abandonment, but I like the sex because it’s the only love I’ve ever known.”
I asked The Lord to come to this sixteen year old. He told her, “Daughter, this is false love.  I love you with an everlasting love.  I will never leave you or forsake you.”  The sixteen year old personality was instantly healed.  Mallory ecstatically gushed, “Oh, so this is real love!  I know real love!!”
   The Spirit of Abandonment entered when she was ten, and the Spirit of Promiscuity entered from that boy when she had sex at sixteen.  Promiscuity bragged,  “Abandonment and I worked together and drew men to her that had the same two demons!  Each man used her and then abandoned her!”  Mallory's wounds were healed and the demons left quietly.
Inner healing and deliverance ministry can show you real love.
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Inner healing and deliverance ministry can heal the effects of sexual abuse.
    In love and newly married, twenty-four year old Alyssa came to me deeply troubled.  Each time her new husband approached or touched her sexually, she would cringe and instantly be overwhelmed with hate. The couple had been to several therapists and sex counselors without success. 
    Alyssa grew up in a Godless home, and was left for long periods of time with neighbors and at her grandparents’ home.  One day when she was eight, while alone with her Grandfather, he pinned her down on his living room couch, and manually raped her.  Screaming and fighting with all her might, she finally escaped and ran down the middle of the street until a police officer picked her up and took her home.  Alyssa told her mother and father what had happened, they told her they didn’t believe her, and did nothing.
    At fourteen years old, Alyssa’s fathers best friend, picked her up at school.  He pulled into an alley and violently forced her to perform oral sex.  Alyssa told her parents what had happened, and again was told, they didn’t believe her.
    One month later late at night, Alyssa’s father came home drunk.  He entered her bedroom, covered her mouth and raped her. Before leaving, he bent down over her and whispered,  “This has happened to you twice before and nobody believed you…Nobody will believe you this time!”  Fourteen year old Alyssa curled up in a ball, shaking and hurt, with nowhere to go.
     I took Alyssa through an exercise to see if she’d disassociated during these traumas.  Up popped an eight year old multiple personality.  She was shaking and seething with rage. I asked the eight year old if she took the pain when her Grandfather touched Alyssa. Through gritted teeth, she said,  “I hold the pain from All Three…I Hate All Men!!
    I asked the eight year old if Jesus could talk to her about the hate.  She warily looked at me and said,  “Have Him stand far away from me!  He’s a man, and men hurt Alyssa!  I invited The Lord to come, He stood at a distance and said,  “There is a time and place for hate, and that time has passed. If those who hurt you don’t come to Me…Vengeance is Mine.”  The eight year olds hate instantly left and Alyssa saw her go with Jesus.  The demons of Hate, Rape, left without incident.
    It’s been eight years since I prayed with Alyssa.  She and her husband have a sex life that is comfortable and enjoyable. They have two children and are debating about a third.
Inner healing and deliverance ministry can heal the effects of sexual abuse.
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Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry Heals the Pain of Being All Alone.
     Thirty year old Isabella came to me because she had bouts of feeling so alone that she just wanted to die.  The only child of a prostitute, and with no father in the picture, Isabella grew up being passed from family member to family member, while mom worked the streets. Even so, she desperately looked forward to the times she got to spend with her mother.  Four days before Isabella’s eighth birthday, her mother was killed in an automobile accident.
      The day of the funeral, friends and family were all saddened by the death.  Among the people strolling past the casket was eight year old Isabella.  No one even spoke to her…No one realized it was her birthday. 
     I took Isabella back to that dreadful day, and up popped a sobbing little eight year old multiple personality.  The little girl sobbed over and over, “I’m all alone, and nobody loves me…I’m all alone and nobody loves me!”  I asked Jesus to come to this little girl whose mother had just died.  The Lord told her, “I am with you always.”  Her tears immediately stopped.  Then The Lord said to her, “Isabella, It’s your birthday.  My gift to you is, All the Love In The World.”  That little eight year old was 100% healed.
     Isabella was smiling so much we could barely get her back to the deliverance. With the wound healed, the demons of Loneliness, Pain, and Depression, had no more right to be there, and were sent quickly and calmly, to the pit.  Isabella’s depression lifted as the demons left, and hasn’t returned.
Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry Heals the Pain of Being All Alone.
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Inner Healing and Deliverance isn’t all Cotton Candy, Unicorns, and Happily Ever After.
      I got a late night call from a psychiatrist.  A 40 year old male patient (Jacob) had demons speaking out of his mouth.  She said, “Nothing in all my schooling prepared me for something like this!”  The psychiatrist (Denise) said she’d meet me at Jacobs house early in the next morning. 
      As I pull into the driveway, Denise informs me that Jacob has been ranting, raving, yelling and screaming in a strange voice all night long.  She said one hour ago he suddenly lost all ability to talk.  I enter the home and a Huge man (Richard) is pacing back and forth. He’s fists balled up and shaking with what looks like rage or frustration.  Jacob turns to me, grabs a pen and paper and franticly scribbles in huge letters, “I Can’t talk!”
     I asked if he could whisper and he nodded yes.  I told him to repeat after me… I bind the function of Dumb.  Jacob whispered, “I bind the function of”…. and when he hit the word DUMB, his huge booming voice returned, and all was calm.  I glanced at Denise and her mouth was open in stunned amazement.
     Jacob told me of a time with his dad, when at five years old he’d tipped over a small space-heater. His father exploded with rage, savagely beating him with a belt, and finally  even beating him with the belt buckle.  The beating went on and on, it seemed like it would never stop.
    I took Jacob back to that time.  Instantly this huge man was, curled up in a little ball on the couch, fending off invisible blows with his hands.  This five year old multiple personality was crying and screaming, “ Stop Daddy! Stop Daddy!!  Stop Daddy!!!   As the beating continued the cry’s to stop went silent.  And Jacob began to whisper,  “I hate you, I hate you! I hate you!! over and over, louder and louder till he was bellowing, “ I HATE YOU DADDY!!!”
    Right at that moment, I asked Jesus to come to this five year old boy.  Jacobs hands and teeth came unclenched, his body uncurled and rolled to his back. He said, “Jesus told me my dad was beaten as a boy.”   As he laid there, Jacob returned to himself and started quietly weeping, whispering over and over,  “I forgive you daddy, I forgive you daddy, I forgive you daddy.”   Completely spent, he fell asleep.
   We got many other wounded parts healed that morning.  The demons attached to the wounds were very animated and combative, but in the end went to the pit.  I told Jacob that there were still some unhealed wounds and showed him how to heal them himself, and then get rid of the demons.  The psychiatrist (Denise) walked me to the car and said, “I’ve never, ever seen Anything like that.  That was the most tender, loving thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”
       Two hours later Denise called and said Jacob had run out of his house in his socks. He ran about two miles to a payphone, called 911, the fire department, and a hospital for the criminally insane. They arrived to find Jacob with bloody feet, yelling at a brick wall.  They carted him up and admitted him to a mental health facility…he’s still there now.
Inner Healing and Deliverance isn’t all Cotton Candy, Unicorns, and Happily Ever After.
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Inner healing and deliverance can remove the pain of rejection.
     Forty-one year old Phil entered accompanied by his pastor. The pain of a lifetime of rejection tormented Phil.  Rejection by his father, and ex-wife, had reduced Phil to isolating himself in his bedroom.
     As a little boy, Phil idolized his father and followed him everywhere around the house.  One day in the garage, while working on the car, his father asked five year old Phil to hand him a wrench.  The excited boy accidently dropped the wrench, and it slipped deep  into an unreachable spot in the engine. His father exploded, “You idiot!!  Why couldn’t you be more like your brother?  I wish you’d never been born!!”
    Phil’s wife of ten years without warning left, and told him, “I never loved you!”  Phil picks up his children every other weekend, and each time hears his ex-wife say, “ I wish you’d never come into my life!”  Phil descends into a deep depression for several days after.
    As I began to minister to Phil, up came a five year old multiple personality created when he dropped the wrench.  The little boy cried out,  “Nobody wants me!” I asked the boy what emotion he held for Phil, and he sobbed, “Rejection.”  That little boy re-surfaced and took the rejection every time Phil got rejected.  The little boy even took the rejection on the weekends from his ex-wife.  I asked The Lord to speak to this little boy about the rejection.  The Lord told him, “I’ve been rejected too.”
    The five year old was instantly healed, and exclaimed, “Jesus is singing to me!” and began singing with Jesus.  Seeing this, Phil’s pastor was moved to tears.  I asked Phil how he felt.  His face beamed and said, “ Look at my face!” 
    When I was working with the five year old, a demon of Rejection sprang up and growled,  “You don’t know who you’re messing with!”   The multiple personality was healed, but I found out that the demon also had a legal right back in Phil’s generations, and eliminated it.  The Spirit of Rejection was astonished, and just before being cast to the pit asked,  “What are you, an attorney or something?”   He left quietly, without incident.  Phil’s pastor said,  “I’ve Never seen anything like this!  It’s just like in the Book of Acts!”
    A month later, I spoke with Phil.  His depression was gone, he was back to work, and grinned as he said, “I even feel good when my ex-wife berates me during visitation!  There's no pain!" 
Inner healing and deliverance can remove the pain of rejection.
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 Inner healing and Deliverance can heal the brokenness inside.
A married, twenty-two year old graduate student, Connie came to me because she said, “ I feel broken inside, I’m emotionally shut down, and I seem to lose time during the day.”
    Connie was raised a PK (preachers kid), and attended her dads church three times a week even as a small child.  She told me her childhood was good, had no traumas, but strangely had no memories from age four to six.  Connie said, “I mentioned to my father that I was going to you for prayer…and the strangest thing happened.  She said, “ He immediately sat me down, and tried to do what I think was an Exorcism on me!”
    As we were talking to about the missing time in her childhood, Connie twice blinked, very heavily, and up popped a four year old multiple personality.  The four year old said, “I’m protector, I hold all the memories, and I know all the broken parts.”  Protector told me what happened to Connie, and about the other personalities.  Protector had even given them names.
    Protector told me about School Person, “She does all Connie’s schoolwork, (but she can’t spell).” Protector told me about Church Person, “She handles everything religious, and helps School Person with her spelling.”  Protector told me about Hate Person, Protector whispered, “Her husband calls this one Monster, because she’s mean and self-destructive.”  She told me about Dead Person,  “Who is quiet and wants to die.”  She told me about Care Person, “Who hugs and cares for other people (even though the other parts hate hugs).” 
     Turns out Connie’s father was molesting her from age four to six.  I finally asked Protector what she did for Connie, and she said, “I hold all her emotions inside.”  While her father was molesting her, he told her, “If you cry I won’t love you anymore!”  Jesus tenderly healed each and every part.    
   The demon proudly came up and sneered, “Her father tried to do an exorcism on her, to cover his tracks!”  The demon’s legal right to stay was eliminated when the parts were healed, and we sent it to the pit.
    Connie isn’t broken anymore and has normal emotions. She’s now doing inner healing and deliverance for others.
Inner healing and Deliverance can heal the brokenness inside.
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   Inner Healing and Deliverance can heal sadness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Twenty three year old Janet was brought to me by her father Gary.  She suffered from extreme sadness, depression and suicidal thoughts.
      Janet was six years old, when in the middle of the night, her mother tossed her in the car, and drove off to be with a man in another state. Mom and the new boyfriend moved frequently, and avoided all visitation requests by Gary.  As a little girl, Janet idolized and adored her father. She wouldn’t see him again till she was twenty-three years old.
     A pretty little girl, none of the other kids wanted to be around Janet because she was always so sad.  She ended up being isolated and alone,  crying herself to sleep almost every night.  As a teen, Janet slipped into a deep depression, and was placed on anti-depressants. She hated how the medication made her feel.  But each time she stopped the medication, the depression would return.  Janet felt hopeless, and suicidal thoughts were constant. 
      At twenty-three, Janet left home and was reunited with her father Gary, but the depression wouldn’t lift.  Janet and Gary entered and sat down. She tearfully told me of being hopeless and wanting to die.
    I took Janet through a simple exercise to see if a multiple personality was created as a child.  Up popped a six year old little girl. She sobbed, “ I miss my daddy!” I asked the six year old what emotion she held for Janet, and she sobbed, “ I hold her sadness.”   I asked the Lord to come to this sad little girl and speak to her about the sadness.  Jesus told her, “I am a man of sorrows, give Me your sadness.  I’ll be your daddy.”
   Seconds later, all the sadness was gone.  The head demon divulged that he’d placed spirits of sadness, depression, and suicide on that wound.  We sent them to the pit, and they left without incident.
    I had Gary anoint Janet, lay hands on her head, and pray a fathers blessing over her. He prayed for her health, a blessing on her womb, peace, patience, and love. He prayed that every step she took, would take the land for the Kingdom of God. He told her he was proud of her, and that he loved her.  They both held each other and the tears flowed.
      It’s been twelve years, and today Janet is married, has two children, and hasn’t had sadness, depression, or suicidal thoughts since that day.  Inner Healing and Deliverance can heal sadness, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
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     Inner healing and deliverance can heal a lifetime of fear and anxiety.
Recently married, twenty-nine year old Jerry, was raised in a single parent home, by his atheist father.  Jerry’s new wife led him to the Lord, and the new in-laws invited their daughter and Jerry to church. 
     A short skit about a scared little boy was performed on stage.  As soon as the frightened boy spoke, a terrifying, deep growl, emitted from Jerry, and all the people around him began to move away.  The growling continued, and Jerry and his in-laws quickly left the service.  Jerry’s father-in-law found me through a friend of a friend.
     Six foot four, two-hundred forty pound Jerry, and his new mother and father-in-law stepped into my office.  Jerry was dressed head to toe in black. He looked at me and bellowed, “I want these demons gone!!”
      The three of them sat down, I leaned in close to Jerry and said, “What happened to you…Who hurt you?”  One huge tear rolled down his cheek and he whimpered, “My Dad.”  Jerry confessed to suffering paralyzing fear and anxiety his whole life.
      Jerry excitedly awoke early on his sixth birthday to find a new bike sitting in the living room.  He was gleefully pushing it around and around the room, and barely noticed when his dad walked in.  Jerry glanced at his dad and kept playing. His dad suddenly yanked the bike from Jerry and yelled, “What, No thanks for Dad!!!  He grabbed Jerry, and drug him out onto the front lawn.  And while the horrified boy watched, threw the bike down behind the car, and proceeded to drive back and forth over it, till it was completely destroyed. 
      The six year old multiple personality created by this trauma, came up shrieking, and absolutely terrified.  I quickly asked the Lord to come to this little boy on the lawn.  The shrieking immediately stopped, and the Lord told the little boy, “Fear not, for I am with you.”   The six year old was completely healed.
      The demon of fear that tormented that six year old personality came up with a deep growl, and threatened, I’m going to kill you and your whole family!”  I leaned in to an inch from his nose and whispered, “Give it your best shot.”  The demon warily sat back in his chair and glared at me.  I asked if it still had a legal right to stay in this man, and it said, “No!”  I sent Fear to the pit, Jerry opened his eyes, and smiled from ear to ear.
     Jerry’s mother and father-in-law were on their knees praying and watching all this take place.  When it was finished, Jerry’s mother-in-law exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, Every church needs this ministry!”
     Inner healing and deliverance can heal a lifetime of fear and anxiety.
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Inner Healing and Deliverance can Expose Spirits of Infirmity
   Prayed inner healing and deliverance three months ago with forty year old Kim. Ever since, she’s been diligent about watching for the effects of old wounds from her past, and then healing them just as I showed her. 
     She called yesterday wanting help with a particularly difficult wound that happened when she was a very small girl.  We got the dissociative little girl up, Jesus healed it, and Kim calmly cast out the demon that was on the wound.
   Kim’s voice sounded very scratchy and hoarse.  I asked if she was sick and she said,  “I’m actually at the emergency room.  I’ve got a terrible case of strep throat…I get it quite often.”  I told her, “You know, sometimes sickness is a spiritual problem, would you like to see if your throat problem is caused by a demon?”  She said, “Sure!”
    I declared: “In the name of Jesus…if the spirit of Strep Throat is there, you come up!”  The demon immediately came up and said, “I’m here, what do you want?”  I asked if it had a legal right to be there in a wound, and it said, “Yes, she was in the middle of a fight between her mother and father…the nine year old part holds fear.”  I asked if it had a right through the sins of her ancestors.  It said: “Yes,  through Freemasonry on her father’s side!”
     I put the demon down, and brought up the nine year old multiple personality who was created in that domestic fight.  The nine year old cried out, “Daddy choked Mommy!”  The little girl held fear, and Jesus told her, “Don’t be afraid, I am with you.” The part was instantly healed.
      I had Kim verbally break the generational curse of Freemasonry, and renounce the “Noose around the Neck”,  all throat, vocal cord and Bronchial tube problems associated with the first degree of masonry.  We then cast out the demon. 
     Kim was silent for a moment and suddenly started talking about one of her children.  After a couple sentences she abruptly stopped and said: “Oh my gosh, my voice is back, I can swallow…the pain is completely gone!”   She left the emergency room trusting that it was done.
    I text Kim this morning to see if the strep throat was still gone.  Kim text back: “Yes Completely Gone!!!  This is Amazing!”
Inner Healing and Deliverance can expose Spirits of Infirmity.
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Inner Healing and Deliverance can calm the Anger.
    Tall and beautiful, thirty year old Sadie was referred to me by her fiancé Shawn. He told me she flew into a rages over every small things, and they hadn’t hugged or kissed in over two months.   Sadie told me she suffered from depression, insecurity, and explosive anger. 
    Sadie’s fourth grade P.E class started with a week of square dancing. The boys would ask the girls for a dance, and no-one ever picked the very tall, Sadie. When the teacher forced a boy to ask her, he got upset, and showed great disgust having to even touch her during the dance.  
   Sadie’s father was an alcoholic, and was always drunk by dinner time.  Every night, as soon as he was finished with his plate, he’d look up at eleven year old Sadie, and scream at her, “Get off your fat --- and  clean these dishes!”.  After the dishes, Sadie would slink off to her bedroom.  Shortly after, her father would burst into her room screaming and yelling, telling her she was worthless, violently shake her, and repeatedly through her down on her bed.  Sadie cried herself to sleep every night for five years, till the day he died.
   As I began to minister, a ten year old multiple personality popped up. The part was created when the boys wouldn’t pick her during the square dances. The ten year old held insecurity, and it tearfully said, “I feel ugly, and not good enough.”  I asked the ten year old if it held any other emotion, and she said, “Yes, I hold anger!  I took the pain every time dad said she was worthless, and threw her down on the bed!”
   I immediately asked The Lord to come to this ten year old.  He gave ten year old Sadie a vision of the two of them, standing in the gym in fourth grade P.E.   Jesus walked up to the fourth grader, took her by the hand, and said, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made…May I have this dance?”  Instantly all the insecurity and anger left, and the ten year old little girl danced away with Jesus.
   The demon of Bitterness reared its ugly head and said smugly: “I put depression and suicide on that wound.  I was going to kill her!”  The wound was healed and the demons of Bitterness, Anger, and Insecurity, were cast to the pit.  As soon as she opened her eyes, Sadie walked over to Shawn, and hugged and kissed him for almost a minute straight.
    Inner Healing and Deliverance can calm the anger.
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