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Network Religion
Within religion being online,
there are some traits called Network Religion that can be identified on every
platform and every environment that the internet has provided for this religion
to act on. For my study of prayer on Facebook there is one of the tra...

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I will be researching and understanding how Facebook users
use Facebook as a social group, living out a form of lived religion, prayer. Focusing
more directly at how group prayer is lived out of Facebook, the way people are
creating a new context for commun...

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Purpose of Prayer as a Community
I want to start off by saying that I have decided to stop looking at the Four Men Prayer Group. The group is not the kind of group I am wanted to focus on.They did not have a strong community or posted often enough for me to get a good understand about thei...

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Trends of Prayer on Facebook
I am going to look back on the past two blogs that I have written and examine examples that I already have used from the groups I am following. I'll be Looking for trends, common messages, and the messages that may compete with one another. First there are ...

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Exploring Prayer on Facebook
Today I have been exploring the three most recent Facebook post on 3 different Facebook pages. (I have taken out last names or cities the...

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Reflection on 3 Post Written 3 on Facebook Pages
I am observing the interaction of prayer and the use of Facebook to request for prayer and the need to post on a public site. I have not ...
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