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#ThreePassBlast  here are all the photos from my trip to Leavenworth & Cle Elum which crossed Stevens, Blewett and Snoqualmie Passes.
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Fascinating documentation of this historic HISTORIC event. COnsider writing an article about your adventure for EV magazine or for one of the Motor Vehicle Magazines (they're still in print I think....) reach wider audience than those on google+ - car buyers et al
This is such a cool picture. Great trip!
Thanks for breaking trail, LeeC! 
The L2 charger at Stevens Pass would have saved me from L1 charging at the rest stop and/or the fudge shop if I'd stayed until the battery was 1/2 full. However, I underestimated the effects of Winter driving on range and left with 3/8 charge. On Blewett Pass I could quite easily have run into trouble and needed to stop on the descent at Mineral Springs or Liberty Cafe for more charging to reach Clue Elum, despite it being mostly downhill.
A Nissan LEAF would have handled this route much more easily.
Thanks Lee, I read the whole thread from Brian A. I'm not on Reddit and I'm not really eager to join another discussion group, but any chance you could beg Brian A to pop in on every once in a while? He'd hopefully feel his time was better spent with knowledgeable owners and advocates rather than children and noobs. ;-)

Jay Donnaway
+Jay Donnaway the state ought to have chargers put in at every rest stop by the end of 2015:

"To the extent practicable, the state by year's end 2015 must install a recharging outlet for electrical vehicles in each state-operated highway rest stop. The state must also provide an opportunity to lease space for the limited purpose of operating a battery exchange or charging station in appropriate state-owned highway rest stops."
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