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X-Wing SC (Red Raccoon) AAR...
So, went to the Red Raccoon Store Championship yesterday…  I decided to run with: New
Squadron (100) Captain Nym (Scum) — Scurrg H-6
Bomber 30 Veteran Instincts 1 Autoblaster Turret 2 Cruise Missiles 3 Bomblet Generator 3 Advanced Sensors 3 "Genius" 0 Lon...

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X-Wing, Red Raccoon SC this weekend, build testing...
So, big SC coming up on Saturday.  I’d like to be in the top half there as they
are giving out some really neat mats as prizes for the top 16.  Limit of 32 for the venue, and it is a pretty
nice place…  Least as far as I could tell
the few times I’ve actual...

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X-Wing builds for the next events... MK II
So, ran the Dengay/Nym build #1 and it was successful
against a triple Skurrg list.  Both of us
testing things though so pretty sure that Tony figured out that particular
problem and will I think not be doing that again…  My lads both had PTL.  Dengar used ...

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X-Wing testing for League and Bloomington SC...
So, testing for the next 2 weeks events and the initial test
was…  A good learning opportunity.  Ran the Rebel Nym and Miranda.  But I set them both up…  Badly. 
Miranda was set as a missile boat with a bunch of bombs.  Nym was set as a TLT platform…  With ...

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X-Wing... Wave 11 coming next week...
So, according to FFG the Wave 11 ships are due out 13
July.  This should have them in place for
the 23 July and 29 July events…  The H-6
Scurrg is really the only thing I am looking forward to if I’m honest.  Kicking around a few lists that are all…  Well, ...

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Titan, Champaign SC AAR (X-Wing) and the next iteration going forward...
Titan Champaign SC AAR (X-Wing) Well, went in with the latest iteration of my Firespray
list: BobaKath1.5 (99) Boba Fett (Scum) — Firespray-31 39 Fearlessness 1 Seismic Charges 2 Tactician 2 Glitterstim 2 Ship
Total: 46 Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-31 ...

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SC #2 options (X-Wing)
Feeling like I am just being stubborn sticking with the
Firesprays.  Got in a few more test games
and I THINK I know what I’ll be doing should I go with this option for the
Champaign Titan SC… The first one that is close to what I have been flying
recently ...

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SC #1 AAR (X-Wing)
So, SC 1 is done… 
Titan Games in Peoria hosted the event. 
We did NOT actually play in the store though.  We took over with our 24 players a basement
conference room/classroom.  I played a
slightly modified version of the Firesprays list I have been testin...

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IT Insurrection and X-Wing SC #1
IT Insurrection So, doing some “IT stuff” and
finding my background in RPGs, Video gaming and tabletop gaming is coming in
REALLY handy.  Turns out, I am good at
the whole “politics” thing…  I just
strongly dislike doing it.  Kind of the
whole thing about f...

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First X-Wing SC this weekend...
Mkay,  so after a fair
bit of thought on the results of my various games that I have played with the
Firesprays I’ve come to the conclusion that Phil over in the UK (seen here at
his own blog ) had the
build that works the best.  So, I’ve come
to the conclu...
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