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Do you know the answer to question 15? Click Frenzy made it to The Sunday Age Quiz!
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no seems the frenzy is actually a click fizzer!!
click frenzy sux can't get onto anything including click frenzy
me either, stupid click frenzy
it crashed almost the second it went live...
A lot of hype and you cant get on to the site.
with curl, it occationally shows a response, but not any real browsers.
Tom Jan
Just another rip off.
Totally agree. I couldnt even get onto the site. Too much traffic when they said it wouldnt be a problem.
When I save the curl result to an HTML file, it looks like it is still the same "counting" page, nothing else, no entry links.
Myer has a sale tonight 5-10pm. Apparently going off right now really should have improved your website infrastructure as you KNEW you would encounter this issue!  Not good!!!
Have been trying since 7:00 and still can't get on. Typical of most of these "bargain" online quick sales. Lots of hype, limited products, servers that can't handle the demand and ends with disappointment and frustration.
My god probably still updating their page. 10 years later.... Finally it works oh it's finished!! S**t
Is this ever going to work :(
This is a waste if time they probably bought some really shity servers.
Another B.S. marketing ploy.  But it does not work.  Only turns people against the sites that offer these 'amazing' sales.  Been on the site since 6.30 and when the deals started, the screen went blank and still is.  By the time anyone gets on therer are no deals left!!  Please no excuse Click Frenzy about how you didn't expect so many people.  Al BS 
To be honest, I'm hoping this never works just to stick it to the IDIOTS who set up the site.
they said it would be easy, that the site most likely wouldnt crash, what a load of crap absolutely pathetic. A moment in history alright a colosal failure
It say a Sale that stops a nation. More like a sale that stops a website.
Any chance of an update from the Click Frenzy people? When are we going to be back up? Probably too busy attending to their servers... ;)
I suggest they go go to tech scholl and learn how to direct their customers to the participating clients ( retailer are getting desperate. Just give us good deals
how just keeps crashing...wonder if testra is cashing on on this one... how much credit does one use i wonder??????
+john coutsoudes facebook does actually handle that kind of traffic but then that's what a complete warehouse of dedicated servers allows vs that of one server.. #clickfizzer  
another fizzer in the space. when will they learn to provide enough servers.
Consiracy theory started. This is just a plot to infect all of us "greedy" imperialists with a super bug that renders Aussie site unreachable. Actualy puttin the organisers down is probably more fun than the shopping. Lets see who can get mentioned on The Project tomorrow
finally got to the site and they said they will send an email with an update. wonder how long that will take?
home page is up but other than that its a waiting game
The advice to use the list of retailers via SMH is good. Just got 30% off some CDs for my wife's birthday. Lots of sites that are listed don't have any indication of taking part.
Work for a second again and then crashed disappointing  
Aussie retailers online frenzy!
Back over to ebay and Amazon!
New update report: Google Chrome can now show a page of "shining light of arraws" but not on Firefox.
hmmm Click on Refresh the page error frenzy - what a dud!!! not working for over an hour
Ha ha the sale that stops a nation . .. yer stops a nation for doing stuff including using your website - nice work . . This isn't very good now is it - if it doesn't work hmmm
lol. tried refreshing, though i only did it about 1, 000, 000 times.
Perhaps we should all get up. I'v been to the news sites and Click frenzy is claiming that thousands are ejoying their bargains. Excuse me I am just going to tell off the pigs flying past my window.
I don't understand! SOMEBODY must be able to access it, yet we're all here feeling sorry for ourselves because a website is stuffed!
No access here either what a Joke!!!!!So I am definitely not somebody!!
get it together surely u expected a huge response and prepared for it
very poor 
Tried to access site for 45 minutes without success
No infrastructure in place for volume of traffic
por show for global marketing
get your act together this is 2012   the 21st century
Several attempts to get through to the site. Frustrating! My bank account is rejoicing no doubt.. Off to bed now :)
it will be one of the crappiest sales you've ever been to lol :)
Thanks for the laugh Click Frenzy, considering google couldn't keep the servers up when nexus 4 launched you guys had no chance.
seriously... what were you thinking? I can put together a website that actually would have worked and coped with the loads for 1/2 the price! What stress testing did you guys do? Which country did you outsource the work to find the cheapest deal??????? Where is your incident and problem management?????
I wonder how impressed the participating retailers are, not really getting their money's worth lmao
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