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Preparing a list of everything I need for self and for others.
I'll have a look for Christmas gifts.
Tom Jan
Don't hold your breath.
I've been trying since 7pm still can't get in
Yeah me too. It says it carn't connect with their server.
Lame. they said that their IT guys knew what they were doing, talk about overloaded.
think they forget to set the server up....
Been trying for last half hour, so much for the comment our site won't crash. What a joke
Being trying to login into ClickFrenzy for 55mins - still no good.....Site must have crashed....
Finally got on but can't get responses from any website. must all be too busy. Waste of time unless they come up with some smart way of doing things
Mark G
Your'e lucky i couldn't even get the site to load , what a wank
Sooooooooooo frustrating - 1hr 15mins later and still not in...That's it I give up.  good concept just now thought out properly. 
I've just tried, with no luck, how long did you try??  Is anyone on it, everyone on FB or Twitter can't get on, who' s on it????
i hope their selling patience, because im in need of some. 
haha nice work Stacey ;)   We'd like to actually connect to your website please you clickheads wow!!! make it work like promised or be the biggest dud ever
Well at least you were seen somewhere. Your website has gone AWOL.

BTW, when you ask companies to put forward amazing savings, make sure they put forward better discounts than they usually do.

Just got on this morning - but no great sale offers anyway. 20-30% off is not that exciting.  Very poor, even when searching for a specific branded  product it can't be found.....Waste of time 
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