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Matt Bernaciak

Any plans for infantry units (machine gunner, rocket launcher and engineer)?

Has anybody been able to play online games like Battlefield free to play or Combat Arms? I get errors from Hack shield etc... and now games that look for game hacks will not let me play on the DVP8 but I can play them on every other PC I have.I uninstalled half my programs disabled my firewall, disabled my anti virus and tried reinstalling a million times just to get the same "204 error". Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated. I cannot figure this out. Thanks.

My Audio quality seems degraded when using it through my Sony 7.1 Surround. I directly hook up my Sound System to my cable box and it sounds good again.Any help would be appreciated.I miss bumping my music like I used to before passing it through my Co-star.

Is there any way to get a Sega Genesis emulator working on the Co-Star? I have tried sideloading Gensoid but it would force close when I try to launch a Rom.Thanks!
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