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Some payouts could not get sent in the last days. All resolved now. Please send E-Mail if there should still be a problem.

CBC transaction fees were adjusted to new higher TX fees on Bitcoin network, now 0.001 BTC at CBC. It is recommended that you increase your payout threshold (new threshold range 0.0015 - 1.00 BTC) to something higher than before to not lose so much money on TX fees.

New numbers in Finland and Hungary added. See user area for details.

Numbers in Germany have changed. Please assign yourself a new number inside the user area if you were calling Germany.

And yet another payout increase: Hungary by 23%!

Finland payout just increased by 25%!

New country added: Russia

USA is back !!! (although possibly not reachable from everywhere. Give it a try...)

Germany payout just increased by 52%!

New numbers added in various countries + new country: South Africa
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