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Reye's Syndrome from Birch & Wintergreen?
My friend Tonya of  Created2fly (Facebook - Created2Fly ) and I collaborated to create this post as a source information source for you and your growing knowledge of Aromatherapy and essential oil usage. “The U.S. Surgeon
General, the Food and Drug Adminis...

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Fresh Air FAST!
want to tell you a little about me.  I have an aversion to odors. 
Seriously.  I will get sick by smelling certain spices.  I don't like to
smell certain foods cooking.  Well, you get the idea :-) I
know all of us have had a moment (well, tons of mo...

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Lifting My Spirits
  Everyone needs it on occasion.  I know I need it more often than not! 5 ml of these 3 oils using HIPHUMBLE 10% discount (including shipping) is $25.06! SCORE! You can buy all of these oils at Spark Naturals. Spark Naturals has a new website.  When you ch...
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