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Lyn Vicknair
I'm like Vanna White, but cooler.
I'm like Vanna White, but cooler.

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What I'm loving at the moment...

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Hi ladies!
I need help deciding which board game to review next on my blog! Please take a minute to vote! Thanks!

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I made this infographic for my blog because I do a lot of reading, and for the longest time I was very anti-ebook based on the principle of it all! However, I am not made of money, nor do I have the large Beauty and The Beast library I always thought I would (not yet anyway!).
What are you preferred methods to get your read on?

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May the 4th be with you all! :D

Are any of you familiar with creating/editing/uploading podcasts? A collaborative segment on my blog is going to making a transition to audio format, and I'm too much of a control freak to let anyone else work on it. Help?

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Halp! I am going to be moving at the end of May, and I could really use some guest bloggers. I've already tapped my guest blogger resources for a vaca, so now I'm reaching out to you wonderful ladies! 

I need four to five blog posts to run on Monday, June 1; Tuesday, June 2; Wednesday, June 3; Friday, June 5; and optional post on Thursday, June 4. My blog focuses heavily on reading/books, boardgames, nerd culture as well as a mix of NOLA living. However, I am open to any topics you may want to write about.

If you have some topic that might not be a perfect fit for your own blog, maybe you can write about it on Lazy Lady!

Here are a few details for the guest posts:
• I will not be putting any affiliate links on guest posts.
• You will need to email me your final post as well as any and all photos by Monday, May 25
• All photos should have credits or links provided to their sources.
• I reserve the right to make any edits to posts that I deem necessary, but will never change the content or opinions presented in the piece
• You will get back-linked in your post as well as linked in other posts

Please let me know whether or not you are interested/capable of being a guest poster on Lazy Lady. 

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I am having my first GIVEAWAY on my blog! Enter to win a copy of the boardgame Boss Monster!

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I reviewed my new favorite book Yes Please on my blog this week.

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