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what about adding the character count when you are typing a text and also showing when you crossover the threshold where the msg will be split into 2 or more because of the built in texting limitations?

i have found that in certain places when i use my hotkey to take a screeny it wont work till i click somewhere that it will allow me.. for me right now if the chrome browser window is active it wont let my hot key function or if im in 'system properties' or 'device manager' from the windows OS..

feedly on chrome on win8 isnt marking things as read as i scroll through them.. it keeps adding the articles back.. and its changing the unread articles count from lower to higher.

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in the new update the post capture tasks make me click the check box like two or three times now or something to make the selection.. also are you guys not posting updates here anymore and only on the website? thanks

i cant get the 64 10bit version of the video encoder to work.. the 8bit works, like your example in the wiki but not the 10bit 64 one..

also after recording the video and having it auto upload to my ftp, it also stores a copy in my default photo dir, is there a way to make it not save a copy locally as well?

is there any way to put together your own auto awesome motion series from a group of photos you've taken? i tried to get a nice group of photos together so g+ would put the motion together correctly, but it didnt and now have to build it myself..

on the android mobile app im not able to get g+ to upload my recently taken photos 'naturally'.. not sure why as it has always worked fine.. well im about to force it to upload everything again.. the question is, does g+ app know the photos that are already uploaded and skip them or does it upload everything again?

are you going to implement a way to change the order of the listview from ascending to descending order?

the url shortening is now working again with send-to context menu, but now im no longer getting the popup balloon bubble things after completion of upload and shortened url. with send-to or the remote host after an image is taken.. anyone else having this happen?

where has mcored been?
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