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I been taking my dogs to this hospital for their yearly check up for all of their lives. I been lucky that they only needed dental work, spaying /neutering and shots but all were done professionally and with one on one care. I was always with them during the exam. I just been through the experience all of say when if our dog has to die pray it is in our arms but also never want to deal with or think about. My little dog was sick for over 3 weeks, plus my other dog had cancer which indicated surgery. I did a ton of research on both dogs, even spoke with Vets at Davis and all concurred with the treatment being advised. My dog did make it through the surgery but died later at home due to stroke..was fast n sudden. Dr Headings did not hesitate to meet us and she herself was greatly upset by his seemed almost as much as us. Surely it is hard on Vets to lose a dog to unknown reasons...especially when a long surgery had gone so well. Entire staff there was sympathetic and very upset about his death...really touched me how much they all cared. My senior but smaller dog also had seemed to finally eat until her pal died at home. She never ate much on her own again and eventually the time came when her body was clearly shutting down. The vet had made it clear, she be there for us both at any hour which calmed my worried heart my dog would suffer. They even came in on day they were to be closed when i finally realized it was time. I been through this often enough and the Vet and Alex both were more friends that day then business. Both just showed both my dog and i compassionate care in such a time of grief. I think that the Vet, would always put what the owner wants first as some of us treat our pets as family others do not. If you are like me and they are your family,well you come to the right place, she will do all she can to help your pet as well as offer her shoulder to cry on if necessary. She is open to questions about other treatments and will research them if she is not aware. Vets for the most part are not rich for the number of years they must attend expensive yes they must also make money. That means we as pet owners hopefully can afford any treatment our loved companions may need. But if you judgement on doing what you can afford will be shown you at this vets. I kind of wonder about the review from out of town...just suspect if you ever spend some time with people at this office. Never seen new tile for one thing, she always put my dogs over her needs which really touched my heart..she is not the owner so yes she must follow the billing agreement worked out by the owner. Sadly, i known people who had larger surgeries done here with excellent results and did not finish paying off the agreed monthly payments...but they do have Care Credit which is excellent way to pay for high vet or medical many months are without interest or use to be. I also noticed that most the clients coming in while i spent a lot of time there, all seemed to love their pets like family which says something about how people there treat their loved pets. All want the best care hopefully nothing too serious but if the time comes...they all were so sensitive to not just my dog's needs but also my own. I strongly recommend Dr Headings there at Blk Butte Vet plus the techs and even the nice receptionist(s)/ all treated me with respect, professionalism and genuine caring feelings.
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you will never find another doctor better than her!!
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