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Happy New Year to you all. Now the Christmas festivities are over it is time for me to start my workouts. Unfortunately, I am unable to use my exercise bike that Santa brought me as he forgot to pack all the parts. Santa has promised that my missing part will be delivered soon, (he is a bit busy with many other missing parts) so currently my workouts consist of typing as fast as I can. Well if I can at least achieve thin fingers why not? I am now open for business and regular work or one off jobs are all welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my contact details and price rates on my website
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Typing Services On The Hunt For New Business

Typing Services are always on the lookout for new business and are ready to welcome either regular or one off clients.

You will see our latest ad appearing in Rushcliffe Local News which is a local newsletter with a circulation of 20,000 covering the following areas:

Bingham, Bradmore, Bunny, Cotgrave, Cropwell Bishop, Cropwell butler, East Bridgford, Keyworth, Kinoulton, Plumtree, Radcliffe on Trent, Ruddington, Shelford, Newton, Tollerton and Upper Saxondale.

As well as targeting local people and offering typing services to our local community, we also welcome national customers. We currently undertake typing services for customers as far and wide as Devon, London and Scotland.

Are you looking for a friendly, reliable and confidential typing service? Then look no further. Contact Nina at or browse our website for further details.
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Why I Love Providing Transcription Services.

I have a wonderful job of providing transcription services and I absolutely love it for several different reasons.

Any transcription services I provide are tailored to fit clients individual requirements and therefore, by providing a personal service, I get to know clients on a personal basis.

Whether I'm working for large companies or small businesses, I very quickly become an integral member of their team, and for some individuals, I become their life line.

This is very rewarding in itself, knowing that I am providing good quality and reliable transcription services and making a difference in people's lives but it is also very touching when some clients display their thankfulness with gifts.

One such client, a student studying psychology, sent these beautiful flowers to say thank you for the transcriptiion services provided. After spending five hours at Queens Medical Centre, with my lovely mum-in-law, it was a wonderful suprise when I got home and these were waiting for me on the doorstep.

Another such client paid a £40 bonus to say thank you for their transcription services they recieved.

This is why I love providing transcription services, not just because of the gifts but because it means something to people and it is so important for them to find reliable, friendly and very flexible transcription services, and to me it is a pleasure to serve my clients.

If you would like to take advantage of personalised transcription services please visit for more details.
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Typing Services Donates to Womankind Worldwide

Typing Services is passionate about supporting local, national and international charities and donates 10% of profits to a range of these charities.

One such charity that Typing Services supports is Womankind Worldwide who work to change women’s futures in third world countries. An example of their work includes working with Women or Human Rights to combat against discrimination, exclusion and violence when a woman becomes a widow in Nepal. Often widowed women face life on their own, unable to provide for themselves or their children, as without legal documents they can’t claim their widows pension or inheritance.

By Typing Services donating to Womankind Worldwide, it helps them to support a variety of women’s rights organisations, to have the tools to end inequality once and for all.

So thank you to all past and present customers of Typing Services, as without you purchasing typing services from us, Typing Services would not be able to contribute to this valuable charitable organisation.
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Typing Services - The Story So Far...

A year on from the birth of typing services, what started out as a way to earn some spending money, Typing Services is now a flourishing business.

Launching the Typing Services website back in January 2015, I had no idea that everything I had learnt about website building and optimisation would finally come to fruition, and although it was a shaky start, work has built steadily over the year.

Today’s technology allows clients to contact Typing Services from all over the UK, and not just locally from Nottingham, and come from a varied range of businesses, such as recruitment agencies, Surveyors, Solicitors, holiday parks, NHS Trusts, Accountants and students studying for degrees. Typing Services has also enjoyed a diverse type of work, both from regular sources and one off jobs, such as transcribing 1:1 interviews in strict verbatim and smart verbatim to reports, presentations and minutes transcribed in intelligent verbatim and even the reformatting of CV’S. 1:1 interviews, mainly from students researching their chosen subjects, have covered a huge range of interesting subjects.

In the first few months of setting up Typing Services, I undertook work from an agency, which unfortunately didn't work out. However, it did make me realise that I wanted to be my own boss and gave me an insight into how a typing agency works and I stored the information for a future date.

In summer of 2015, I very nearly gave up Typing Services, when I managed to get involved in a scam, where I lost several hundreds of pounds in unpaid work. However, at this time I did reach out for help from an independent typist, to help me complete the work, and although it went horribly wrong, I realised that Typists were out there looking for work and it gave me the confidence to start thinking about turning Typing Services into a business rather than just a way to earn a living.

In September of 2015, I secured my first regular client, which kept me going and then in quick succession, other regular clients came on board. Starting to struggle with the workload I posted a recruitment advert on my website and contracted my first Typist in January 2016. Since then, with a mixture of regular clients, huge one off jobs and a recommendation from a student to her fellow students, I have very recently contracted a second Typist.

I am currently still typing myself but I aim to slowly transition from typing to managing Typing Services and run it as a typing agency.

The future looks rosy for Typing Services and I thank all of our clients for their continued support.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your typing requirements please do not hesitate to email Nina at or for more information please visit
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Typing Services Are Very Competent At Typing Surveyors Reports

We currently receive regular work from several Surveyors who all have slightly differing needs. The reports range from Building Survey Reports, Homebuyer Reports, Home Condition Reports, Valuation Reports, Home Purchase Survey Reports, Commercial Building Survey Reports and Schedule of Condition Reports.

The formats for these reports range from word documents to internet based templates and contain a variety of tick boxes, drop down menus to assign condition ratings, cutting, pasting and deleting paragraphs as dictated, as well as space for reams of text to be typed in.

All the surveyors convert their dictations to DSS audio files and send them as an attachment on emails but we can accept a huge variety of different audio formats so you can convert your file to a format of your preference as you wish.

We receive anywhere from between one report a day to ten reports a day in total depending on how busy the Surveyors are. We are very versatile and flexible and all reports, no matter how many are received, are returned fully completed within 24 hours.

As it is regular work, the Surveyors are invoiced on a monthly basis, to save them from wasting precious time by having to pay on a more regular basis. All Surveyors reports are transcribed as verbatim intelligent (unless otherwise specified) and are charged at £0.70 per audio minute.

Are you a Surveyor looking for a fast, reliable and accurate but also personal and friendly service? Then look no further, we are the right service for you. Please do not hesitate to contact Nina at to discuss your requirements or visit for more information.
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Elance Upwork Review - Transcription Services Scam
This is yet another warning to home based typists but this time a warning to be aware of the dangers of using third party websites to offer your transcription services.
To get myself started as a freelance typist I started working on, which is now currently merging with Upwork, and it is a site where many different jobs are posted from all over the world. Some of these jobs are requesting transcription services that Freelance typists can apply for.
I have worked on for over six months now and never had an issue applying for these jobs and receiving payment for completed transcripts. Some of the people I have met have been lovely, friendly people with genuine job postings and are truly grateful that you have been able to supply them with quality and reliable transcription services.
Unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of being awarded a job by, what I now know to be a scammer, who never had any intention of paying for his transcription services. The job was typing transcripts of lecture recordings for UCLL which is a law university in Hong Kong. The initial job was set up for two completed transcripts and I submitted a timesheet and an invoice for these two transcripts and an auto payment was set for five days ahead. In the meantime the recruiter had sent further files to be transcribed and having no reason to doubt, due to the pending auto payment, I transcribed a further five transcripts with the intention of creating a miscellaneous invoice on completion. Unfortunately, after submitting the five transcripts the auto payment defaulted.
On contacting customer service at Elance I was basically informed that I was ‘welcome’ to raise a dispute but it probably wouldn’t be looked at because I hadn’t logged my hours. Apparently this is something called the WorkView Tracker Tool that I had no idea existed and didn’t know that I needed to use it in order to be protected. I argued the case that if they looked at my account they could quite clearly see the transcripts I had sent and the amount of time that would have been spent on these transcripts but sadly Elance’s customer service response was to void the miscellaneous invoice, change the auto payment for the two original transcripts to nil and change the transcription job to complete. Very helpful! So basically all outstanding monies were wiped and the recruiter walked away with the transcripts without even having to answer for himself let alone pay. So all in all I lost £378.54.
I have no idea what the scammer really gained from this apart from gaining free transcripts but why somebody would go to so much effort for free transcripts of lectures from a Hong Kong university, I really have no idea. However, I have reported this to UCLL so that they are aware that this is happening and hopefully, if it is a member of staff acting unlawfully at their end, they will be stopped.
I am not saying don’t use third party websites to offer transcription services because I did get started this way but be aware that people with illegitimate intentions are able to operate on these sites.
Now I’ve had my fingers burnt and emotions turned upside down (it’s not just about the money – I was actually conversing with this guy), I personally will not be using any third party sites. However, I am fortunate that my own website is starting to do well, so thankfully I no longer have a need for them but if you do need to use them my advice to you is to read the small print of what the website is responsible for when things go wrong and to research the instructions of how to use the website properly in order to stay safe and protect yourself from non-payment.
For all your transcription services visit
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Home Based Typists Be Aware Of Your Personal Security

Have you ever had a call from a client who said they lived locally and the work was paper based and so they needed to drop it round? I did and very naively I didn’t think anything of it. It was a very friendly call and a nice little job that would have earned a substantial amount of money and the work being paper based seemed plausible enough to me. It was only when the client said that he would be bringing his mother with him that I started to wonder, although again the explanation given was that he was flying out of the country the next day and would be dropping by on his way to taking his mother out for the day because he wouldn’t see her for a while. Plausible? I have an aging mother in law and perhaps it is something that I would do on the way to somewhere else but subconsciously my mind was piecing together that he would need to come in to explain the job to me but that’s okay, I thought, I’d just make her a cup of tea. I just so happened to have a painter at the house, painting the outside and so when I was explaining where I lived, I jokingly said that he would easily spot the house with all the painting equipment outside on the front. After the call I even polished the lounge and tidied up in preparation for the visit.
The day passed and the client didn’t come. I felt quite disappointed. It was only when I told my husband in the evening about it that it dawned on me that I had probably had a very lucky escape. Two strangers in the house and just me, my husband pointed out, am I for real? It doesn’t bare thinking about what could have happened. I just thank God, literally, that I tagged into the conversation that the painter was here. Obviously realising I wasn’t alone they thankfully decided it wasn’t worth the effort.
Hopefully other home based typists aren’t as naïve as me but I felt it was important to highlight this had happened because I was fortunate, the next home based typist might not be. It has taught me a big lesson about my personal security and I have now changed my policy to meeting people, I do not know, in a local café. Other people say, maybe he decided not to have the work done or he found someone else who offered a cheaper quote. Maybe, but I’d rather not take the chance, would you?

Written by Nina Douglas
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Audio Typing Services

Audio typing can be a really interesting and rewarding job and the type of jobs can vary enormously. Since becoming self-employed in January 2015 I have completed transcripts including both strict verbatim transcriptions and verbatim intelligent transcriptions, and also both from audio and video files. These have included academic interviews, conferences, the first chapter of an e-book, copy typing legal documents from hard copy and the most interesting of all, an inquest.

An inquest is a court hearing that investigates circumstances surrounding a person’s death to try and establish the cause of death. As you can imagine, a lot of people are involved in an inquest, such as the Coroner, family members, witnesses and the actual people involved in a particular incident. However, typing a transcript of the proceedings by a recording is not as difficult as it may sound, as an inquest is very formal and the Coroner introduces each person, as they take the stand to give evidence, so they are easily identifiable. The difficulties in audio typing an inquest, tend to lie in the background noise of the court room, which can obscure the voices. When you get a lot of people in the room there tends to be a lot of chair scraping, coughing, sneezing, general fidgeting, door slamming and rustling of papers. Oddly, recordings tend to pick up background noises more clearly than voices. Using background noise reduction and volume boost in Express Scribe can help when audio typing a noisy transcript but it does tend to distort it, so although it makes the voices slightly clearer, there is still constant noise in the background that is very distracting when audio typing a transcript. Other difficulties lie with the spelling of people’s names due to the number of people involved and their places of work, job titles, home addresses and of course their accents. Inquests can also go in to details with technicalities and medical terms, which all adds to the challenge of audio typing an accurate transcript. However, the content of an inquest can be very interesting, and I must say, although it was a challenge, audio typing a transcript of an inquest has been my most enjoyable typing job so far.

Some typing services will charge different rates for audio typing and a higher rate will apply if two or more people are speaking and for noisy transcripts, otherwise known as poor audio. Poor audio can take longer to decipher and therefore takes longer to complete the job, however, with recordings of court hearings, it is difficult to control the background noise and although a lot of people are speaking, it is very structured, so here at Typing Services, you can get a transcript of a court hearing complete at a cost of just 54p per audio minute.
Audio typing can also increase your general knowledge, for example, I have never attended an inquest, so I had no idea of what an inquest entailed but now I do and also typing academic interviews has widened my range of vocabulary due to hearing new descriptive words and the content of the interviews has so far covered a huge range of subjects being researched such as foot and mouth disease, new business startups, police force, Scottish referendum and lots more.

If you have any audio typing that is a court hearing, an interview, a conference, a book, legal documents or anything else for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact me on for a quote or further information, I will be very happy to help you.
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Digital Audios Transcribed Verbatim

What does digital audio’s transcribed verbatim actually mean?

There are two ways of transcribing audio, one which is called clean read transcription and the other is called verbatim transcription.

What is the difference between verbatim transcription and clean read transcription?

Clean read transcription is normally used to transcribe text into business documents such as letters, reports or minutes. This is where the audio recording may not be spoken in exact grammatical sentences but you would be expected to type the sentences so that they read in a proper manner and in a way that they made sense. This uses skills such as paraphrasing and summarizing and you need to listen to chunks of the recordings at a time to obtain the understanding of what is being spoken about.

Verbatim transcription is converting the spoken word into text exactly the way it has been spoken and is normally used when transcribing recordings such as interviews. This requires a keen ear and attention to detail, and listening to very small parts of the recording at a time, in order to note every sound, tone and word.

Why would a client want a verbatim transcript?

It may be really important to an analyst or a researcher to know exactly what is being said in order to capture emotion that is being portrayed during the communication. A verbatim transcript also captures non-verbal communication as well such as pauses, laughter, crying, sighing, clapping, noises in the background, external sounds etc as well as words like umm, ahh and u huh.

Does transcribed verbatim differ?

Yes, transcribed verbatim does differ and it is dependent on what the client actually wants. As an example one client may want a transcript typed word for word of what is spoken but does not want non-verbal communication noted or another may want non-verbal communication noted but not external sounds.

Do you do verbatim transcription at Typing Services?

Yes, I can undertake verbatim transcription here at Typing Services. I will always discuss with the client specific requirements so I know exactly what the client is expecting. I pride myself on delivering a first class service tailored to individual needs and deciphering whether a clean read transcript or verbatim transcript is required and to what level, is key to my service.

However, I do follow some general rules when transcribing verbatim unless otherwise specified by the client. These include things like:
If two people speak at the same time I indicate this with a slash
I only note uh huh and umm hmm when they represent a positive response to a question or statement or ah hah as exclamation
For false starts I use a double hypen period plus two spaces for e.g. -- .
For short pauses I use a full stop, each one representing a second. For more than four seconds or more I will write [pause and the time]
If I can't hear a word I use (...), if there are lots of words together I cant hear I use [inaudible and the time on the audio]
I always use dictionary spellings regardless of accents or pronunciations
I note any non verbal communication in square brackets such as [laughs]
A verbatim transcription can be long, tiring and slow progress, so although I charge the same per minute of audio, I do allow a longer turn around, to ensure I can fit in plenty of breaks and time to listen to the audio again. At the same time of listening to the audio, I will read my script to ensure everything has been caputured, as a final check.

For all your verbatim transcript needs contact
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