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The Multiple eXposure Project
Through image-making, we aim to expose and get exposed.
Through image-making, we aim to expose and get exposed.


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What is public? What counts as public? The “public” is a multi-layered concept defined differently depending on how the term is used and framed. It is a notion devoid of singularity and is, grammatically speaking, a terrain of contradictions. Read more:
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The Multiple eXposure Project will be curating “Outside the White Cube”, an alternative, traveling, curatorial project which aims to feature image-based works across different disciplines and media by emerging artists from the Philippines and elsewhere. We are inviting local and international artists whose works discuss the notion of the “PUBLIC” and its complexities. Deadline of submission is on October 5, 2015.

Artists working in a variety of media and disciplines are invited to participate and submit their works. We are seeking image submissions such as photographic series, video arts, short films, video mapping, recorded public performances, digital manipulation, animation, digital arts, new media arts, and others. Needless to say, any medium that can be projected to the screen will be accepted.

Please email your submissions, together with description, artist statement, and bionote, to

For more information, visit our website: or our Facebook page:

About the Theme (Public):

The “public” is a multi-layered concept defined differently depending on how the term is used and framed. It is a notion devoid of singularity and is, grammatically speaking, a terrain of contradictions. As a noun and an adjective, the public constitutes the people, masses or community, and suggests anything that is staged, accessed, or seen out in the “open.” The public can also be used as a verb to describe something one does, as in make public or publicize, suggesting the movement or shift from the inside (private) to the outside (public). Paradoxically, however, the same term also points to the limits of such openness and movement. Given that it simultaneously refers to something “involving and provided by the government”, the public is always at risk of becoming merely an apparatus of the sovereign state and its institutions, thus making the flow of its production, distribution, and consumption partial and counterproductive.

With these issues in mind, we are looking for submissions that address and interrogate key topics of interest, but are not limited to, the following:

-         What is public? What counts as public?
-         The public and the private  - their overlapping tensions and ambiguities (ex: private event, object, or space made public)
-         The public as a collective (subject, citizenship, nation, etc.)
-         Politics, institutions, and conflicts (of interests) in public sphere
-         Positioning the public in the city or urban context
-         The value of public-ness (openness, sharing, connection, participation, etc.)
-         The limits and potentials of the public
-         The public and the subaltern counterpublic
-         Public image and identity
-         Public performance, gaze, visual voyeurism, and spectacle
-         Public and biopolitics (power, discipline, panopticon, and surveillance)


As implied by the project’s title, “Outside the White Cube” seeks to re-frame the practice of curating and spectating images outside the exclusionary, institutional borders of the “white cube” or gallery space.

Public spaces are used as an exhibition site to stimulate a mode of spectator experience that revolves around displacement of the passersby (public) from their “habitus” by interrupting the flow of pedestrian traffic. We alter a familiar public space and transform it into an unusual, dialogic site for image projection and exhibition, taking advantage of its accessibility and site-specificity in order to redefine the ways the spectators look at and engage with images.  Adopting “guerilla urbanism” as a curatorial strategy, we make sense of the immediacy of the “public” and reflect upon its context, meanings, and intersections with representation, place, and discourse. In so doing, we intervene and reformat aspects of the urban landscapes and emphasize the “counter-spectacle” in art viewing and appreciation.

This project also underlines the inherent ephemerality of an open-to-the-public display in relation to time and space. As a “traveling” exhibition which heavily depends on projection technology and public space as its “frame” or “canvas", this project celebrates the momentary nature of image-viewing, consumption, and mobility in the metropolis at a time of constant flux and transition.

Sites and Duration:

Selected works will be projected and displayed in public spaces in different parts of Metro Manila where there is a massive flow of human traffic. Possible sites defined by law as “public place” include: “any highway, boulevard, avenue, road, street, bridge or other thoroughfare, park, plaza, square, and/or any open space of public ownership where the people are allowed access.” Each exhibition will run anywhere from a few hours to a week. The first phase of the traveling exhibition will run from October to December 2015. An accompanying zine featuring the works of the artists will also be published.

About The Multiple eXposure Project:

The Multiple eXposure Project is a multimedia, multi/trans/inter-disciplinary artistic practice and research-based initiative that explores the many layers of image-making, participatory photography, visual ethnography, and performative encounter(s) between the image and the spectator; the subject and the viewer.
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The digital version of Zine 2.0, Moving Still, has been uploaded here: Alternatively, you can download the pdf file via Google Drive at:
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Zine update: New media and video artists included in the sophomore issue of our zine are as follows:

Jessica Buie 
Liat Berdugo 
Laura Hyunjhee Kim 
Nicola Hands 
Tony Radin Jacobs 
(c) merry 
Talia Link 
Justin Zachary 
Adrian Errico 
Matteo Pasin 
Jean-Michel Rolland 
Manasak Khlongchainan 
Boris Contarin 
Hüseyin Çife 
Suman Kabiraj 
Patrick Moser 
Francesca Fini 
Aaron Oldenburg 
Benjamin Grosser
You Qi 
Dénes Ruzsa 
Fruzsina Spitzer 
Fran et Jim 
Amelia Johannes 
Heidi C. Neubauer-Winterburn
Jess, Lau Ching Ma 
Scott F. Hall
Eleni Manolaraki
Elise Frost 
Harrison Banfield 
Jack Rees 
Daehwan Cho 
Wu Siou Ming 
Masako Ono 
Bárbara Oettinger
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Hello folks! The sophomore issue of The Multiple eXposure Project zine will be published soon! Layout is currently in progress.

For further announcements, check out our Facebook page:
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The digital version of the zine is now accessible online at: Download link to pdf file via Google Drive has also been posted at:
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“Who are you?” “Who am I?” “Who do I think I am?” “What am I made of?” There is nothing simple about such inquiries as they pose a number of phenomenological and ontological issues. To ask yourself or someone about self-definition is to deal with its vicissitudes and fluidities, oscillating between the ego and the alter ego; the naturalistic (Hume) and the metaphysical (Kant); and the reflexive perception of one’s body and the relational introspection with the “Other.” The self is, arguably and fundamentally, a complicated subject matter. It is an ever-evolving object, a corporeal being, an affective body, a precarious entity, a discursive phenomenon, and so forth. Read more at:
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Zine update: The cover of the zine will feature the digital image, "I AM", by Stephan Groß from Germany.

Description: The expression "I am" is shown in the 16 cardinal directions of the wind rose. The sense is to work out a radial graphic braiding with an attracting focal point and likewise an impression of a centrifugal force. Due to this ambivalent design the depicted phantasm of “identity” undergoes a lyric refraction.
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Zine update: Layout in Progress!

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently working on the layout of photography and textual submissions, followed by other mediums such as digital, new media, mixed media, etc. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, we are planning to release a separate edition for video arts.

The complete list of artists included in the zine will be posted soon. Please bear with us.
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Call for Submissions: The Multiple eXposure Project 1.0. For more details, visit our website:
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