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JLA: Trapped in Time
is one supposed to make of JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time ? The short answer
is obviously as a straight-to-video production, a simple diversion for younger
fans of DC Comics’ iconic superheroes. And while that’s true, I can’t quite fig...

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The Ballad of Trixie Tang
the saddest thing about The Fairly
OddParents is its wasted feministic potential. In regards to the cast as a
whole, the most sensible of a surprisingly wide female cast are Wanda and
Timmy’s mother, two similar characters from diffe...

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Regarding the Show's Potential, and What it Could Have Gone For
Something to consider regarding
this show are the various factors influencing it. Of course, there is already a
standard for wackiness, given that this is not only a cartoon but one for Nickelodeon . Furthermore, creator Butch
Hartman worked for Hanna-Barbe...

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#my2013  The Sights of NYC
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