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I am a graduate student at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA, currently living in Sonoma County. I am writing my Master's Thesis on museums and the Maker Movement, exploring the relationship between the two, the learning that's happening, the pros/cons etc. I have been reaching out to many members of the Make and museum communities but thought I'd also reach out here and see if anyone has any thoughts or insights on the topic of museums and Makerspaces. Thank you so much for your time! Happy Making!
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Hi Lauren, My name is Samantha Cook and I run a program called Hacker Scouts in Oakland CA. I also have a Masters in Education specializing in Museum Education and worked for years in museums before becoming heavily involved in the Maker Movement and Education. The kind of informal, object based learning that happens in museums informs much of what we do in our maker-driven program. I'd be happy to chat with you about my thoughts and observations some time! 
Some of the Boston Science Museum team has space at ... and frequents, Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts. I believe there is tremendous interest in museums collaborating with makerspaces because ideas are plentiful ... and in our case, there are a lot of highly creative, artistic folks, along with skilled engineers.
+Samantha Cook Thank you Samantha-- I would love to speak with you too! It sounds like are paths are very similar. I am not in the East Bay often this quarter, but I am happy to drive there to meet up. Let me know your schedule. 
Thank you Scott, as well. I have spoken to staff at MOS and they were very kind and helpful. I've found that the Maker community is so willing to have dialogue and work together that it's been great help to my thesis thus far. Which is one of the reasons I decided to post to the forum. 

Side track: My issue for the moment, if I'm honest, is that I am finding a lack a scholarship supporting learning and the Maker Movement. Being a Maker and museum professional, I see no wrong in Makerspaces in museums, I love them! I read the blog posts and observe the programs and can see what's happening and understand their importance. However, my thesis advisor needs a little bit more than that. Luckily I have found some acceptable research, but it's been hard.  :) 
Keep up the good work Lauren. Vines is cheering for you today! Go Lauren! Go Lauren! I pray God that you have much sucess in life.          P.S. Jesus Christ loves you and I am cheering for you.
Thank you Bruce, that is an interesting way to think about it. I'll have to look more into that idea.
I saw something a while back about using 3-D scanning and printing of exhibits for souvenirs, thought that was cool

plus making working models of some exhibits

seems to me that there could be some exciting mash-ups of maker-ness and museum-ness

museums need to preserve things and show them to people, but they also need to engage people and make them care about those things, the interactivity of making is certainly one way to engage people
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