My TEDxABQ talk  "Starting a small revolution in medicine" was just uploaded to youtube.  In my talk, I describe my son's illness, and the work we are doing to develop smaller, safer, cheaper medical technologies that could revolutionize medicine, and help my son and others like him.  As this talk was being filmed, Ryan was in the audience sitting in a wheelchair, with his complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) flaring up again after a minor accident a few weeks before.  A week after my talk, we tried using a mouth-guard with him, not knowing if it would help.  Within a few minutes, Ryan got up and started walking, for the first time in nearly a month!  The mouth-guard reduced his pain enough to start physical therapy and as of today he is mostly pain free again. His doctors are astounded.  Our website at has more information if you are interested.  We need to start thinking about using smaller medicines to help improve the lives of the millions of people who aren't being helped by the "big" technologies and drugs currently employed in modern medicine.  Its time to start a small revolution in medicine.
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