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Feeling Stressed? Qigong, pronounced “chee-KUNG” is a holistic system of breathing techniques and exercises dating back thousands of years. This is the most powerful tool traditional Chinese medicine has to offer. In Qigong you learn how to unlock and maintain your body’s innate healing ability while boosting your immune system.qigong meditation group

Participate in this tradition and you’ll let go of all the stresses you are holding onto. The recent surge in Qigong’s popularity is because of its fun and dynamic movements. There is a specific balance between meditative and focused stretching.

Qigong incorporates gentle movements that help reduce stress, revitalize the body and promote a healthy immune system. These exercises, simply put, get your blood flowing in the right direction. Magnetic energy in the room is often created but still with a purpose and in a relaxing manner. In no time, you will discover that you can perform Qigong with confidence. Even skeptical non-believers walk out with a sense of power and energy!

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