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Matt Cowan
mattofilms. Do it, Film it, watch it.
mattofilms. Do it, Film it, watch it.

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Just a bit of fun and learning :)

I had to  construct an air cannon for one of my jobs. After the shoot I decided to convert cannon into a gun.
Pic #2 shows the re-load chamber. Simple slide and load system.
Yellow canister is rated to around 120psi. Fill container using car tyre valve system.
Dart is a plasterboard screw with cloth warped around to act as a tail.
I could add a spring and leaver to the red on/off lever to make a proper trigger but this works perfect and i am a firm believer in keeping it simple :) I will add a high power hand air pump and auto reload system.

Results using 80psi, un refined dart and a few leaks.
Travel distance (straight line before drop arc): 8mtr (+/-  1mtr) 
Damage at 3mtr: Penetrate dry Pine wood slab 10 millimeters.

Re-fill time using compressor: 2 seconds (80psi)
Re-fill time using hand pump: 4 seconds (80psi)
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Been a while i know :)

Battle Maze Challenge by mattofilms
Battle Maze Challenge (mattofilms + Minecraft + LagSquid)

Big thanks to: Sparkles546, Mooshroomcentral and the Cow (AvengeMyDeath)

You can play the Battle Maze by logging on to, jump to lowest island and enter the Battle Maze portal. Best of luck...see if you can get farther then us :)

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its about to wake up mhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
TMA Server Update.

Factories that will supply goods to the villages are almost done.
Once substructure  is done i will need a design artiest LOL, stone is so boring :P
I have made little fun bits as well {j4sag} ie: inside the Golum factory is a tour with a interactive Golum V Zombie game. 

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I am GOD (mrk 2) Update:

Big building is storage and Auto sorting system.
Thing on top of it, the start of my house :)
Smaller building, Staff only area! a tp area, an equipment area, a storage area, a learning center (I have started building a interactive plugin walk-through so its easy to learn and use the features.) and more.

Tree farm is under way - 1 chop, Auto re-grow.
Next if some animals so can stock up on food.

Oh yeh.. Mine is in, has a elevator from ground level to bedrock and full working rail goods retrieve system.

Stay tuned for more :)

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Happy as a pig in sh*t.

wait that's my dog :P

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A mates dog, she says its not evil...but idk


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Get to dry ground before high tide!
that's my advice anyways :P
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I am GOD (Mk2)

Ok its a long story but in short this world has a central storage system.
From here goods will be shipped out and received from ALL the villagers and mines.
How it works:
1. Explorers go out into world in search of villages and riches.
2. If/Once found, a Manager is elected to oversee operations.
(Manager can be the person who found or a elected party. NOTE: as before, person who finds village or riches gets to name the site)
3. Architects are hired to design rail connection and any machines needed to get there and deliver whats needed or retrieve the riches.
4. Builders are hired to build the machines and rail or mine the riches
(Builders must use material from central storage. All gathered goods must be shipped to central storage.)

If a village is found, person who found is now the "owner" and Clan leader (name of clan is finders choice) of that village  may proceed to erect houses for more clan members, mine for riches, expand village, sell to central storage and more.

NOTE: Will also need farmers, loggers, industrial industry's and more located near central storage.

Plugins using so far: (after set up will add more)
WoldEdit, WorldGuard, InfinityDispenser, CraftBook
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