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A Cure for Dying
I pick at death like a scab. Well, not entirely like a scab—no relief comes, there's no satisfaction in it. But I do pick at it. I direct my attention to eternity every now and then. And when I do, something that was previously sealed up nicely bleeds and s...

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treatise on textures
I. Cornbread is the opposite of oysters. Cornbread is gritty, all those little grains of meal like footholds for your tongue. Tongue-holds. You feel the individual grains dissolving at different rates, and it's as if you could taste the twinkling night sky....

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My Oatmeal
I will share with you my special method for eating oatmeal. I cook it the night before with a little bit of miso paste. Miso contains enzymes which break down the starch in the oats, and if allowed to sit at room temperature overnight, a bowl of oats inocul...

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Grandmas, Dead & Alive
My grandma died last Friday. The New York grandma, I’ve been telling people, so they don’t confuse her with the LA grandma, who was the first person I called after I heard the news.  “What is it?” Mimi asked me when I called. “My tennis game is about to sta...

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Bread is Hard
I made this! Friends have been asking me what I’ve been doing lately. Sometimes I answer straightforwardly: I’m freelancing a little. Thinking about what I want to do next. But that’s a boring answer. So other times I just say that I’m baking a lot of bread...

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It's Hard Being a Short Women in Tech
In The New Statesman, Laurie Penny argues that tech is inhospitable to women because it’s run by resentful nerds, “some of the most privileged people in the world who are convinced that they are among the least.” She’s responding to a piece of writing by Sc...
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