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Thanks +Kurt Smith !
Happiness is not something we achieve “When I can (fill in the blank), then I will be happy” or “I’ll be happy when I (fill in the blank)”… No single achievement, attainment or event will get us to happiness. Happiness is something we look for and work on everyday. 

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We alife without life
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Harish Kumar

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My mother always said: happiness is a choice. I couldn't agree more!
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Harish Kumar

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Well said dear.
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Harish Kumar

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Thanks +Kristen Kramer 
I love this quote!   It's what I'm using as my inspiration for my "corporate retreat" (of one) this week.

Have you ever held a corporate retreat for your business?  

Was it helpful?  What advice would you give those of us starting this best practice?

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Harish Kumar

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True to every word.
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Harish Kumar

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The Psychology Of Taking Massive Action- Part 1
“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” ― C.G. Jung

Many of us want to take massive action. Most often, we also have the best intentions in mind. 

If you are like me, you have excitedly made plans and elaborate ideas on how to proceed further in your plans.

It could be:

New years resolutions. 
That project that is due in a few weeks. 
Decluttering your home.
You have thought of your idea, read the books, researched the field and set a firm intention to achieve greatness. 

But then, nothing happens. You begin with great momentum and soon you begin losing steam.

Other commitments begin creeping in and distracting your grand intentions and well laid-out plans.

Despite your best intentions and feelings about the task at hand, the massive action does not happen. 

What happens is last minute patch-up and a band-aid kind of fix and you feel like you are not ready. You feel like you have fallen short. You feel like you have sold and given in to the pressures, tensions and busyness of life.

What makes you take, sustain and retake massive action day in and day out? The kind of action that you wanted to take but never got around to doing so. 

Are there any psychological principles and ideas that can sustain and promote great action?

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” ― William James

Let us jump right in!

1. Ditch Analysis Paralysis and Overthinking: Make Choice Work For Your Massive Action
Read more at:
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Harish Kumar

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Wise words. You never know what times in your life will lead where.
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Harish Kumar

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Thanks +Elle Sommer !
Instead of looking at those you admire and wondering why their grass looks so green, look at yourself. Water your own grass and it will grow. "Comparison is the thief of joy." This is true. If you can't find happiness in your own self, you'll constantly look for happiness elsewhere. But the best and most important happiness starts in you. Focus on your happiness. Focus on doing what makes you happy and your life will be as wonderful as you imagine. - read:
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Thats the truth, we pay attention to our neighbour and we are the mess
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Harish Kumar

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Awesome :-)
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Harish Kumar

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Become A Creative Imagineer
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney 

Originally developed by the Alcoa aluminum company, this idea was quickly adopted by the Walt Disney Company.

Disney calls Imagineers people who engage their imagination and then take action by engineering it down to earth.  

What you can do:
Engineer and build.
Combine and collect.
Engage and Implement.
Become a systems thinker.

“I believe in being an innovator” — Walt Disney 

Here is my several step process that I wrote in a previous post to become a good imagineer:
1. Identify an insurmountable problem.
2. Instead of stress and struggle, unleash your imagination and let it come up with the possibilities that you have never dreamed of.
3. Mix, connect, combine and let things fall together in your imagination.
4. Look and imagine things from perspectives that you never thought you could assume. Allow your imagination to soar.
5. Allow the ideas to collide and give it down time to incubate in your imagination.
6. When you get an insight, capture the idea and then get to work on it.
7. Use the product of your imagination to build something new—a prototype.
8. Now imagine ways that your prototype can benefit people and how you can make it accessible to them. 

“We make the magic.” That’s our motto at Walt Disney Imagineering, and it’s a belief that permeates everything we do. From castles, mountains and mansions to fireworks spectaculars, Imagineers are the creative force behind the iconic Disney attractions and experiences that our guests have come to know and love.”- Walt Disney Imagineering statement on their website

Read more at:
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