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Hello Internet, I need your help

I’m looking for women of color/LGBT/Muslim science fiction and fantasy writers. I have a RPG project and I need to broaden my perception (and hopefully others) of who and what these genres represent. If you are this person or can point me in the direction of this person speak up and help me.
Throw me a link to their work or point them in my direct. I need to know and see them.

For those that don’t know, I’ve published a few games and my work can be found at the link below

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Has anyone made it to Wind Lord (Rune Lord of Orlanth) status yet in a campaign? I didn't realize I wanted to go that route but now I've set my mind on it, but I don't know if the campaign will last that long as some of the primary skills for it are only in their 30s for me. Our group is primarily made up of non-humans. (An elf, a halfling, a minotaur, another human, and an agromori.)

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My response to Christopher Helton's ENWorld editorial on the cost of games.

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Hey, everyone! We here at Smug Pug Games are proud to announce that Pulsars is on Kickstarter!

Seriously though, unless the new Ghostbusters is just two hours of them throwing pies at each other I"m going to go see it.

....hell, I"ll probably see the pie one anyways!

Ermagerd, all female Gherstbursters, mer childherd.

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Fiction all-call!

This is very, very rare for me. Typically, when I'm looking for people for game books, I'm looking specifically for people willing to walk the line between fiction and game design. Today, I'm not doing that. I want people who can write fiction. 

I'm developing the Changeling: The Lost fiction anthology for the new edition of the game. I need fiction. Essentially, these are going to be about 5,000 word pieces, and they'll probably be due in April, given a few variables. 

A few things I'd like to see: 

• Passing familiarity with Changeling: The Lost. Conveniently, it's a pretty easy game to understand. It's very evocative. If you don't know it, that's fine. But I need to know that a) you're willing to digest it quickly, and b) that you don't know it going in. 

• A willingness to work with new edition material. I'll be providing a small document with some subtle and some fundamental shifts in the new edition. They need to be respected in your fiction. 

• Er, that's basically it. 

So, if you might be interested, toss me a couple of things: 

• A writing sample. 500 words. Fiction. I like cool dialogue. I like action. I don't like excessive purple prose. I like active voice. 

• Answer me this: What's a compelling, not obvious example of a person in a bad situation taking control of their life? Just tell me in a couple of sentences, no more than a paragraph. But write it the way you'd write fiction if I hired you. 

• Have you been published in the past? THIS IS NOT A DEAL BREAKER. I want new people as well as experienced people and will be hiring a balance, but this helps me to know who I'm working with. 

• Tell me about any unique perspectives and experiences you bring to the table. By unique, I mean that your average gamer, or your average game designer might not have. 

If you've sent me samples before, just ping me again to let me know you're interested. is my email. Hit me up. Ideally in the next week. No later than two weeks. Cool? Cool. 

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So, there's a ridiculous assumption going around that Evil Hat, as the sole actor in the situation (false), demanded that a product be removed from DriveThruRPG, and that the product was removed as a direct result.

I don't see that as the case. But that hasn't stopped a few folks from hunting me down online and sharing their ire, threatening boycotts, and misusing the word "censorship" (and in some cases "bullying" and "bigotry"; somebody get a dictionary up in this joint). 

Here's one of the responses I've written in the past 24 hours (in which, also, a member of my family died, so much of this seems so very silly and irrelevant by contrast). It doesn't cover the whole thing, but it covers some.


I took no actions to control what can or can't be sold on DTRPG. An employee of Evil Hat merely expressed a concern about a recently added product, and basically made the "mistake" of saying as much in public.

I was at a doctor appointment at the time all this happened.

I've read his statement and there was no request, merely a statement that he'd talk to other folks at Evil Hat about whether or not we could be comfortable having our brand displayed on the same site as the game's. We started to have the conversation, but it became moot when DTRPG pulled the product. (An action I happen to believe is appropriate, tho that's something of a side issue.)

So, DTRPG pulled the product, but we have no evidence, no statements or anything of the sort, that an Evil Hat employee expressing a concern was the deciding factor. We do know that he wasn't the only person lodging a complaint with DTRPG; he's just the one who folks have found and made a big deal of + a staggering amount of inference that correlation constitutes causation. 

There is no censorship here, either. DTRPG made their choice, as a vendor of products. Vendors are always free to do this. A bookstore can choose not to carry books written by the KKK on the same basis. In both cases it isn't censorship. It's the free market.

Folks think we made this happen, that there's some sort of big conspiracy of action occurring here. Instead it's the most mundane thing possible. A few customers of DTRPG complained to DTRPG about a product that went up, that their automation then tweeted promotion of, and DTRPG decided (apparently — again, no communications from them) to remove the offending product.*

That's it.

* The irony/hypocrisy that this is what some of the alleged boycotters are looking to achieve with Evil Hat's products is thoroughly lost on them, it seems.

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Kat and I did the same scavenger hunt at Indianapolis Zoo. She got the adorable cuddly Orangutan stuffed animal and I got this WONDERFUL AND AMAZING PENCIL. #robbed  :P

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We're at 16k! That's awesome! only 9k more to go until we're funded! Let's kick this pig.
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