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Practice Based Research
Art & Culture for the 21st century.
Art & Culture for the 21st century.

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RT Trashy Clothing: Join the flickr group and show us the Trash You're Wearing!

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RT Izzy Medici: Top 100 most #twitter #followers in #21stcentury: … if twitter existed in #16thcentury who'd be on list?

RT Edie M. Sedgwick: Who are the Trashiest Dressing Celebrities you can think of?? #trashy #celebrity #fashion #clothing #dressing #apparel #badTaste

This is a test of the Buffer buffering network. It is only a test. Don't go Putin on me! (& don't Obama my Civil Liberties either!)

Hello, I'm an Buffer test! I just disconnected & reconnected my G+! (oh & switched from iRez G+ page to PBR G+ page while I was at it)

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uggh... so many pages and so many groups / communities to make to feed the beast! Oh, yes, and, WELCOME!! :D
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