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I am tired of people looking at my kids and saying, "My, you have your hands full", but mostly I'm just tired.
I am tired of people looking at my kids and saying, "My, you have your hands full", but mostly I'm just tired.

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Simplifying - Day 1 Declutter
Hey, All! Sorry for my absence, I've been busy growing and birthing a human.  We welcomed little Dax Hezekiah the end of March and we are most certainly in love with him! Toward the end of my pregnancy I had some medical issues which had me frequenting the ...

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Grace Before Social Services
“Grace before Social Services” has become somewhat of
a motto in my house or at least in my own mind. 
It probably lends more insight into the parenting of my seven, soon-to-be eight, children than
I care to admit, but it’s a principle I want to exercise be...

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Choosing a Word
I’ve chosen a word for my new year. I’ve never done that before, but I know scores of others have selected a word instead of making a New Year’s resolution to keep them focused and headed in a direction they wish to go and want God to take them. Mine came ...

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Lines and Gardens: Stories of Slavery
Stateline Rd Nottingham PA I live a few miles
south of the Mason Dixon line, the perimeter that served as a resolution in the
border dispute between Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania in the mid 1700’s.  Later the line became the boundary that separated

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Worshipping Crap gods
I would not claim to be an expert in Scatological studies, or any studies for that matter, but let’s face it with seven kids, one of which is still in diapers, and living on a small farm I deal with fecal matter more than the average person.  Maybe our expe...

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Working on Goals and Life
In the past I have had a tendency to begin projects and
abandon them halfway through when something else “shiny” caught my eye.  I guess some would say I lack
discipline.  I guess some would be right. Shortly after I turned 40, I decided I was going to purs...

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A few years ago I wrote an article about finding your homeschooling path.  As the school year is about to kick off and mom's everywhere are romanticizing their amazing new curriculums, I wanted to share part of that post here and encourage you to finish rea...

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Forgetting to Say Thank You
Thankful to be writing for  Today's Frugal Mom . " Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude.  It’s a time to reflect on the things we have been given, the things we have been kept from, and the things the Lord has removed from our lives. To get into the s...

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When Your Kid Stops Believing
" My 16-year-old son came home from spending a week at a renowned Christian camp and announced that he didn’t know if he believed  in God anymore.  Not the thing a mom would expect to hear within five minutes after getting in the car with the kid who was ju...

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Consuming Consumption
School is starting again and I've written another article for  Today's Frugal Mom . " School fliers arrive in the mail touting one-cent glue and crayons for a quarter.  Week after week in August, big chain stores make me believe that I need several hundred ...
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