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Hello world!
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In internet years, Mosaic took place in the dark ages. Amazing where this world is headed, right?
PMarca - you've arrived!! Congrats on all of the recent well deserved accolades!!
I fondly remember testing Mosaic before full release on a DEC Alpha at St. Louis University while you were up the road, and the small world of being connected to Jonathan (when he was a brilliant youngster) on IRC before he hooked up with you and Ben. Seems like forever no?
Nice to see you here too, Marc.

Since you are here now, if you don't mind, a FB Fiendr just asked this question about RockMelt:

"I use RockMelt and can't figure out how to invite anyone - can select no problem but then what?? Note to RockMelt: Über-bugs with the G+ guys"

I know that you're super busy and can't possibly attend to every single last detail, but if I let this person know that a solution is forthcoming that'd be great.

hi, welcome to center of the universe :)
Hello Sir How are you?
Welcome +Marc Andreessen ...maybe one day we can meet. I have been reading about your amazing successes since my days at UT Austin (1998)
Hello world. <bzzz. script error>
Hi welcome.... I still have my boxes copy's of Netscape
Hello Marc .. Karibu (welcome), - Jambo. this is the greeting from Afrika - Kenya Swahili.
Nice to meet you, Netscape man. :>
Welcome from Champaign Marc! Go Illini!
Kal Mos
Great to see you here Marc.
Hello back! (I'm a friend of the Okta guys, Todd and Freddie)
Glen M
Thanks for Netscape! Can you claim to be the first blogger do to your posts on the netscape home page back in the day?
hello Marc, was expecting you:)
Hi Marc, met you many moons ago via Delon
indeed a hero. I put him in my circles called "Heroes" together with Matt Mullenweg and some more...
It takes a legend to get 160+ shares on a hello world post. Impressive.
Hi Marc ... from another former Midwesterner!
the first message is the same to me!!!
Hello back from BobbyMac
Hello +Marc Andreessen , nice way to pass a short message to you. I used to work at Netscape in Paris and of course you were THE MAN these days. That was my start into IT and I'm still happily in it. So thanks a lot for that. Without you, my life definitly would have gone in different ways. :-) Greets from Madrid, Spain.
Hello Marc welcome in my circle.
Best regards from Germany :-)
i was like "marc andressen is not a brother". nice thumbnail. haha
pmarca in the goog house
Hello Marc Remember The Thanks Giving Dinner at Hoofers Sailing Club? Your Mom asked me if it was ok if you brought up a few friends from Illinois, because she didn’t want to make a turkey that year. I said sure Great! We were moving sailboats to the UW Stadium and I was grilling out on the lake shore. It was kind of cool how it worked out back then everyone at the Dinner was in to computers. Remember that guy from Sweden, The Economic, who was discussing monetary systems and how the world would eventual go to the bit standard (the cost of moving bits between continents) having migrated from the gold standard through the world currencies like the dollar and yen. Been try to rap my mind around that lately.

So you’re the kid that turned his skateboard in to a scooter and was doing Bascom Hill on the new black top. Now I remember the scooter was your new invention and you were going to make a million bucks with it. I remember when you went whizzing by on your scooter and in turning around you said to me, “I know how you are”! The only problem was I couldn’t figure out who you were; but, then you were not famous. Here is a link to my web site: written html5.

I though you might like it. Been reading html5 up and running by Mark Pilgrim. I was wondering if I should know Mark Pilgrim. He seems all full familiar
NING+ Enough said.Nice place Google + M.Andreessen Formidable Duo!
Hi Marc. Last post from you is frrom 6 months ago! Will Google make it in 2012 with Google +? You are our leader whether you like it or not.
+Abul Almaujudy
Hello from Cedar Falls, IOWA Marc.
Thank You for your amazing contribution to the development of the Internet the way it has evolved today through the web browsers. I still remember trying and testing the beta version of Mosaic on our Campus in Champaign! Its been a long way since then! Thank you! I'm positive many people still remembers you and your great work! 
uad pen
Your G+ & twitter accts show up like the hair on your head
- MIA.
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