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Jason Stum
You can never win if you don't know what it's like to lose.
You can never win if you don't know what it's like to lose.

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My presentation on car dealership website design strategies at #Kain2016
Here are the slides with synced up audio for my presentation on car dealership website optimization strategies at #Kain2016

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Think Bigger Episode 7: Inspiring Intent

If you want to become a better leader, you need to check out Episode 7 of #ThinkBigger featuring +Kristi Hedges, author of the Power of Presence. Show airs today at 3:30pm est on the Autotainment Network!

#AutoMarketing | #Books | #Leadership

One More Time with Google+

With the NEW Google+ here on the scene, maybe it's time I gave it another serious effort. I read what +Luke Wroblewski had to say regarding the latest updates to the platform, and I'm definitely intrigued.

I was doing well with G+ about 12-18 months ago, but all at once it seemed activity died down to almost none. It started to feel quite lonely so I went back to investing my time on Facebook, LinkedIn & the Twitter.

I never really left G+, it's still set as one of my start pages when I launch Chrome. I just didn't have much of a reason to continually dive in and see what was going on.

So here I go again (hopefully not) on my own. 

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Episode 13 of the MarketPunch Podcast

After being gone for almost a year, I'm thrilled to let you know that the MarketPunch Podcast is back with all-new episodes!

On today's show I get everyone up to speed on where the podcast was and where it's headed. Also, I've included the audio recording of my Blog to the Future presentation from last year's DrivingSales Executive Summit that I know you'll enjoy.

Listen today→

Stay tuned for more episodes to follow!

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If you like discovering new websites that are useful and fun, you'll love my latest post on +MarketPunch!

Check out these 15 extremely useful websites that you've (probably) never heard of, but won't soon forget!

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They might be struggling after the first two weeks, but +Jeremy Sheldon says if you can swing a trade for one of these #fantasyfootball  studs they just might be the player that propels you to a championship season!

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This October, there's only one automotive conference I want to attend and this is why....

‪#‎DSES‬ | +DrivingSales 

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On Monday I was thrilled to recieve a real nice shout-out on +CBT News.

Joe and Corrine spent some time talking about 5 of my 13 rules for Social Media Success in the Car Dealership.

Watch the clip |

It was a great way to start what's turning out to be a fantastic week!

#SocialMedia  | #AutoMarketing  

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13 Rules for Social Media Success in the Dealership

It's become quite apparent that social media today is neither free nor easy. Do you have what it takes to be successful on social media for your dealership?

We didn't have it and it pains me to admit that we are now recovering from an epic #SocialFail .

Head on over to +DrivingSales to see how we've realigned our social strategy for 2015 and the 13 rules we're following to achieve social success.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!

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Check this out +Shelbi Polidori 
Instagram 101: 10 Smart Ideas for Inspiring Posts
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