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At my blog today: my pal Danny Mullikin of the band Tuatha Dea talks about putting together the all-star line-up of The Green Album.

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The first review of CHAPEL OF EASE: "From the moment this story started, through to the very last lines, it held me."

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Nice way to start the week: with a review of LONG BLACK CURL that says in part, "Once again, I found good writing, fabulous characters, and an enthralling storyline. Yes, that's magic."

As a father, a stepfather, and an adoptive father (my next one's free!), I give a high five to ALL the "dads" out there. Biology doesn't count, only love does.

THIS is why I love research:

"The 1933 Department of Mines reported that the West Virginia Penitentiary operated a mine shaft at Moundsville. The superintendent was Rex Radar."


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Here's a nice piece about RoberCon: Roberson Sci-Fi Convention, where I'll be the author guest of honor this fall.

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I seriously don't know if I want to see this. But it certainly sounds compelling, and of course, insane.

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Apparently it's Captain Picard Day, and appropriately enough, the Squirrel Boy and I celebrated it with the final episode of ST:TNG. It remains one of the best series finales I've ever seen, and the boy loved it, too. Jean-Luc would be proud.

I totally blanked on the term "junk mail" today. I finally managed to blurt out the term, "physical spam." It got me an odd look.

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The Siren: It's a dragon!
Me: I'm pretty sure it's a cow.
The Siren: It's not a cow! Do you see hooves?
Me: Well...yes.
The Siren: Those are claws! It's a dragon!
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