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Single Property Sites, Austin Web Development, Real Estate Website, Microsites
Single Property Sites, Austin Web Development, Real Estate Website, Microsites

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UPDATE: We are really working on our new system. We had a few setbacks with programmers that have greatly delayed our launch. We have things on track and should be coming soon! I can't wait to launch our new system.
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It's currently 46° F and clear in Camaiore

From 1Weather for Android.
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New expanded profile section allows you to set your contact info and social links in your profile and when you make a new site, it will now carry over and automatically be filled in!

We think it's cool!
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Have a luxury listing? Seriously impress your sellers by getting them a single property website from Dedicated to the luxury marketing of your listings. Get a $2,000 website for only $50 for a year (hosting included). Amazing results.


Now when you create a new site, all your profile information including images will automatically be filled in on the new site!

New fields have been added to your profile including: Name, Agent Image, Broker website link, broker logo, social media, and phone numbers. This will all be auto-populated on your new site making it much quicker to complete your site! 
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I'm a Real Estate Web Developer based in Austin, Texas. I'm submersed in the real estate market as my wife is an agent with a luxury boutique as well. We own, invest, and are now building a luxury home. Let me know if there are any questions you may have about websites for real estate! I'd love to help.

We have new features! Here is a list of features for every public template:

$50 Per Year (Hosting Included)
Hosting for one year is included with your website! No monthly fees!

This is not just a virtual tour! This is an actual website.
This is not just a link to put on your website, it’s an actual $2000 looking website for only $50/year.

Customize the look!
Choose fonts and colors to customize and match your branding.

Mobile Friendly!
The site will look good on tablets and mobile phones!

Lead Generation Form
Potential buyers can email you directly from the website via prominent form link on the website

Details, Image Gallery, Interactive Map, Upload documents
Upload as many images and documents as you want for your viewers to download. Insert a link to a tour, full description and details. Customized map.

Upload Agent Image & Broker Logo
Custom link with your broker logo. Upload agent photo, and contact information! This helps build search engine relevancy back to your website or your broker site!

Privacy settings
Set the site to private if you have a sensitive seller like a celebrity or public figure. You can add users to the site yourself!

Social Media
Add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ Accounts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Enter in your description and keywords that search engines will crawl to index your site! This really helps your broker or agent website by linking back to it!

Google Analytics
The ability for you to enter in your Google Analytics id number to track your site from your Google Analytics account.
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