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An effective decision making strategy is more important today than ever...
5 steps to decision making from the The Orbital Perspective!

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Wing Python IDE version 6.0.3 released
Wingware has released version 6.0.3 of its family of cross-platform Python IDEs with powerfully integrated editing, debugging, unit testing, and project management features. Wing runs
on Windows, Linux, and OS X, and makes Python development fast, accurate...

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Machine learning devices are learning how to compose songs that can elicit specific emotions in us humans 

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Interview with Carter Mead on discovery.

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Stuart Kauffman was ahead of his time: math models now support his idea of the "adjacent possible" as innovation driver 

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Tower of Camellias

I went for a walk at the Japanese Gardens yesterday, one of my favorite places to find a calm and zen mood. I was disappointed that I missed the blooming of my favorite weeping quince tree, but instead I hiked up the little secret uneven wooden steps to the camellia path, and discovered this deep red beauty in the process of taking over the forest. Not a bad substitute :) I was also delighted by a surprise tiny shrine which can only be seen from one narrow angle on the path, which I've never noticed before. And the three-tiered miniature waterfall, which I always notice and always love. It's so nice to go someplace just for enjoyment, with no to-do list or agenda.


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So, just what constitutes 5G?

The ITU has set some key specs.

20 Gbps download, up to 1 million devices per square kilometre. Note that the 20 Gbps is for the entire "cell" or tower. End-user speeds will be 100 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up. But they should be reliable and pretty much constant. As for those million devices per square km, let's just say that a lot of those will be for the IoT.
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