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Hello All

I am looking at starting a campaign in Late August on Roll 20. This will be run at 6:30 ET on Thursdays. Here is the link to the "Looking for Players" listing.

Thank you for your attention or Interest


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I am looking at starting a hard Sci-fi game group online, using bits from Diaspora and Fate core. I have created a google group to discuss possible meeting times, expectations, and rules thoughts. Any Takers?

The TL;DR - I want to start a new Diaspora like Hard Sci Fi game online that would probably be starting in late October/early November. I am looking for interested parties.

The Long version.

As my current Trail of Cthulhu Mini Campaign is nearing its end (I would guess about 3 more sessions - I play every other week). I am starting to get the itch for a hard Sci fi Game.

I played about 8 sessions of a FATE core version of Diaspora, and really loved the experience.The game failed due to conflicts of our meeting times. The rules recommend the GM create a character as well, so I did. I created the 'Information Broker' who was the PC's main contact ( think a nicer, more polite, better looking version of Firefly's Badger). Those sessions were by turns frustrating, rewarding, and occasionally effortlessly amazing. Always the story went somewhere I did not expect, yet I could incorporate something about their characters or actions into the little

I am so ready to try again online with a committed group of people willing to meet bi-weekly starting about 5-6 weeks from now. (I find that if I plan a weekly game, half the time I need to reschedule, where as if I do it Bi-Weekly, it is easier to schedule my life around the game). I would also love the ability to step outside role of GM and portray a character if another person wants to take over the reigns to GM a story for a while.

For interested folks I have started a Google group to discuss some basic setting, rules and set up ideas. If you are interested I will send an invite to the group

I have been ruminating on a magic system idea similar to Warhammer FRP 3E (Is it taboo to mention another RPG on the boards?).

Basically I was trying to figure out a system where magicians collect magical power (via a skill roll - I will tend to call this Mana) and use the power to fuel known spells (which may or may not be a separate skill). Collecting mana causes stress/consequences so that casters may know many spells and be very versatile, but casting spells brings on negative consequences rather quickly so that casters cannot , cast very frequently.

Collecting large amounts of power might also allow for a certain "backlash" if spellcasting fails.

My first thought is just to have 2 skills for spell casters "Mana" and 'Casting". Individual spells could be just known, perhaps as one stunt. After all, the idea is that casters are versatile, but cannot cast quickly or a whole lot.

Success on a mana roll gains the caster one mana and one stress. Success with style is manna without stress or 2 mana with one stress. failure is no mana, and great failure is stress without Mana.

Spells would cost 1-4 mana, with 1 mana being small spell that could easily be accomplished without magic (Lightspell) and 4 mana spells being lightning bolts shooting through an enemy army...

Thoughts? Annotations? ideas/ experience? similar systems already developed and used?

thanks in advance...

Finally began my World War II era Trail of Cthullhu game inspired by Charles Stross the laundry files. I will admit to a warm feeling in my heart when my players starting calling a prominent NPC "That Bastard Alan Turing"....(Historical figures may be more adept at mythos magic then they were in history)....

Hello All

My current online RPG that I was a player in is now on hiatus. This has opened the way for me to GM the online game that I have mentioned in other threads ( I Think - I am posting this in a few locations and i know i have mentioned this in several places as "What i want to do next")

The general concept of the game is that players are part of the SOE occult branch in 1942, fighting the Ahenerbe SS and supernatural events at home. There are so many tropes here - Spy tropes, lovecraft tropes, WWII action tropes. My hope is to hit them all...

I am looking at an 8-10 session mini campaign where each 4 hour session is a mission players execute (Usually - the last mission will be extended and some might run over. we do what we can to keep the game moving). Taking a cue from Armitage Files, I am looking at a more open ended game. There will be a choice of missions, and as you go on a mission the other missions may not be accessible (taken care of by other SOE agents)

The system is open, and I have 4 systems in mind to use. Each would accentuate a different aspect of the game. Classic Chaosium D100, Gumshoe (Trail of Cthulhu), FATE, and nWOD. The last may be a bit surprising, but the mirrors supplement is awesome for this.

Most likely this would happen on Thursdays every other week starting after Memorial day. the time is a bit open. my favourite time would be around 18:00 or 19:00 GMT - but it is flexible even into the west coast evening time. Thursdays are very open to me - particularity if we go every other week where i can schedule Thursday only things on "Off" Thursdays...  

Interested? Let me know and I will send an invite to the google+ group I created for potential players to discuss the game...

Thanks for you consideration!

This week is the kid's spring break and our schedule is changing around a lot. I am putting odds at less than 50% that I will be able to make Tuesday the 5th

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Here is my character sheet for Pietro. I thought I had shared this at some point. I also added a couple things to it.
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