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When are you looking at running it? Been looking for some Strange goodness
The Strange - I am going to run this as a prep for my GM for the Go Play free RPG day in Brisbane in March (I think it is).
So I am going to run "The Eschatology Code" convention module.
If you would like to:
* Learn about The Strange and what it is
* Learn about the Cypher roleplaying system
* Play an event that may become a longer campaign
* Help out with my prep for the con,
then indicate your interest here before I cross-promote to the USA folks (and all you-know-what breaks loose).
No time yet but because I am kinda desperate I will fit in with most any suggestions.
Shoot me questions if you have them.
And thanks!

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Say hi Thomas Miller

What it means to opt out
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WTF GOOGLE!?! Opt-Out in Google-speak ACTUALLY means Opt-in to non-targeted advertising - basically Opt-In to ALL ads.....
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