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Kim Curry
All opinions are my own, I do not speak for any agency, organization, or corporation.
All opinions are my own, I do not speak for any agency, organization, or corporation.

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Thealogy Thursday: Big Tents and Concepts of God
As I mentioned last week, about a month ago Dr. Amy Jill Levine came to town for a series of lectures sponsored by an interfaith group of congregations. On Friday evening, she spoke at Temple B'nai Sholom as part of their Shabbat services. One of the things...

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Thealogy Thursday:Intro
For months now, I've been thinking about doing an occasional spotlight on theology and/or thealogy. Since this isn't a daily or even weekly blog, I'm not going to promise to use this topic every week. But occasionally I'll come back to these ideas. Importan...

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Music Monday: Confident
Over the weekend I got to see some excellent choreography to this song, performed as a senior solo, and really listened to the lyrics. The music video isn't the story that the student brought to mind, but it's also a decent one.

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Realities of Pregnancy: After Loss
I said I would come back to the NPR article about Pregnancy Loss . One of the reasons that people often don't reveal pregnancies until about the end of the first trimester, is because they don't want to have to "untell" people if things go badly. Natural mi...

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Music Monday: Wake Me Up when it's over
As often happens, this video takes a bit of discussion. I ended on more of a dark note last week , but it's important to keep in mind that that story, that happened a decade ago. Much of the drama of it has faded, has passed... although there is still more ...

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Realities of Pregnancy: My abortion story
I started to talk about my journey to parenthood a few weeks ago, with Realities of Pregnancy: Infertility . As I mentioned towards the end of that post, my OB/GYN quit practicing. I was really busy with work, so I didn't find a new one. When my birth contr...

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A Quick Post
I wanted to start the week with something positive... I think I'm going to do some editing and post the next phase of my infertility story later in the week. Since that's pretty heavy, here's something very different. I was reminded of a cheer that we would...

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Books I am Reading, or Finished Reading Recently
I've been doing a lot of reading lately. It feels like more than I had been doing in recent years... although that's not necessarily true. One of the things I have read, is that leaders should be readers, and should read everything. Fiction, non-fiction, li...

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Music Monday: We Can't Stop parody
Following some of my posts last week, the video below came across my Facebook feed some time ago. Note that it is NOT about me, and should not imply anything about my condition. As I disclosed last week, that would be difficult . No, I wanted to share this ...

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Feminism Friday: Purity Culture
One phenomenon that has swept the U.S., particularly conservative Protestants, is Purity Culture. Love, Joy, Feminism has a great collection of articles on the subject, the practices, and the problems with it. I think one of the most damning commentaries on...
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