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I feel like I should post something here so my last "plus" or whatever we're calling these things now isn't from October... but seriously is anyone still using Google+?

Maybe now that I have a vanity URL I'll use Google+. Maybe.

I'm feeling really dissatisfied with all social networks right now and I can't figure out why. It seems like there's an opportunity for a new player to make a breakthrough though.

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Visited the Swiss Alps!
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Ok. The new Google+ is amazing. I'm impressed!

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I think I've found the most hipster drink on the market.

If Google Reader is getting the axe, is nothing sacred? What's next? Google Talk? The horror!

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I got Scroogled too :(
New event logo suggestion...this pretty much sums up my registration experience. To those who got in enjoy! ;)  #IO13

And... GoogleIO is a no deal :(

6 minutes in - still haven't gotten an IO ticket :( I'm getting worried..........
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