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Enhanced Email
EE, the next evolution in mobile e-mail
EE, the next evolution in mobile e-mail


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Here is the first marketing video for Boxer on Android!

Boxer For Android - The Secret's Out

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Ok for anyone losing their accounts when rebooting their device I have released a workaround app that, when installed, fixes the issue.

Here is the app:

Announcing Enhanced Email for Tablets!

The tablet version is based on Google's latest code base 4.2.2 and features a fully tablet optimized layout/design. It is currently available for you on Google's Play Store and Amazon's app store at a special introductory price of $7.99.

Spread the word by liking this post and resharing it and if you own a tablet be sure to buy it to show me love/support!

It was just released so if it hasn't shown up in your Play Store please keep checking back. It can take up to 2 hours to push out to all of Google's servers.

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If you are on Verizon or AT&T or Tmobile and are fed up with these carriers blocking access to Google Wallet please take 1 minute and find your Congressional representative and fire them off a message stating the following (just copy/paste):

Verizon/AT&T/Tmobile are using unfair business practices to monopolize mobile payment systems. They have a joint venture named "Isis" and due to their vested interest are blocking access to 3rd party wallet systems such as Google's "Wallet" application. This is illegal and I need you as my representative to please do something about this. Isis is an incomplete service that only functions in 2 cities across the US whereas Google's "wallet" system is nationwide and easier to use. I should not be restricted to install whatever app/service I want on my device. Please help me as your constituent. 

Please +1 and reshare as much as possible so as many people as possible do what's needed above!

Find your representative

Find your 4 digit additional zip code number (required when filling out contact form for your representative)!input.action

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Can every EE user please take 1 second and follow this link, Star the issue and leave a comment?

This is the bug in Android keeping you all from being able to edit contacts synced to your phone from EE. 

Oh, and +1 this post.

I found a solution to this with a little tip from the developer of "Contact Editor". I've tested and it works perfect. I'm creating a new post here on G+ to announce it to everyone.

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At 999 followers......who will be follower 1,000? There's no prize or anything, just a cool milestone to hit :)

Due to the overwhelming e-mail requests for the 50% price point, I have extended the sale for an undetermined amount of time. Get it while it's hot and spread the word (Twitter, Google+, Facebook)!

For a very limited time, you can get Enhanced Email from the Google Play store for 50% off!

When I say limited I definitely mean limited. So spread the word and if you were on the fence about buying it you'd might as well get it now :)

If you don't see the lower price yet keep checking back, it takes Google a while to push price changes to all of their servers all over the world.
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