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anyone else have this problem?
it happens in Messaging. always has to do with changing orientation. is quite erradic but quite usual as well.

i9300, pa 3.98, yank 1.6... I forget which but it's the one for cm 10.2.

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I must say im in love with Zooper :) been playing around with it quite a lot lately. below is my latest creation. im starting to get pretty happy with it , so i thought i'd share

- the little balls refer to battery usage per hour. past 1 hour on top, past 2 hours lower, past 3 hours lower yet, etc.. i record these variables in Tasker
- overall battery consuption is above the circle where the gauge is pointing
- current battery level travels from right (100%) to left (0%). is also indicated by the size of the white half-circle. (yes, im a bit obsessed with my battery:))
- when expanded, the widget reveals weather forecast data (not shown)
- built from scratch

any suggestions for what else to display? theres still room below :)

i flashed 3.68 on i9300 (pa kernel, capacitative buttons disabled,using navbar), and i lost the three-dot menu button that sits within apps (in the top corners, not on navbar). is this to be expected?

also,i havent been able to find it in any settting.

thnx in advance for yr thoughts. cheers

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soooo many options

zooper - best custom widget ever
wall -

-date 'travels' to the top based on date
-battery consumption per hour 'travels' based on current value (0% on the bottom, 10% on top)

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Zooper gets all the love recently :)
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