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Big news from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! Congrats to the parents-to-be.
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lucky bastard ... i was gonna make babies with her
Motti L
Everybody wants some of that wow...she's smart
Motti L
Lmao smart ho
Motti L
No buddy Trey Songz was next sorry...thr baby will be cute and spoiled
Where is the Morphs of two faces that people do? The one for Beyonce and JayZ was spot on.
Why is this in my source feed?.....
Two fuckheads making another little tird for the krapdashians to exploit
Motti L
No disrespect but they all some smart a** $$$$$$$$$ making you know what....momma trained them well....lmao...minus the normal one Kourtney sorry if I spelled her name wrong....the only dum dum....Reggie had a baby now she trying to show out as baby momma but smart Kanye got mucho dollarz hahahaha more than any of her ex men
I love it how some people think they make a lot of money they must be happy.......both of them have dead parents and no morals, let them keep their cash.....
Motti L
She is rich should be happy hahaha even without a she is richer wow...wonderful power move...interesting comments I have heard from the most respected news reporters...she has a baby daddy lmao silly
Motti L
Ray J claims he made her the star that she is ...she is banking way more can I start selling stuff on ebay and become rich
No it was her snatch that made her famous..... Oh yea and screwing black guys 
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