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Writing isn't boon from the god, it is more of honing skills associated with writing. Get the technique right, and keep practising: skills do require serious practice  and little prayers. Moreover,  reading and listening is strongly advised as it is closely...

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Four square method to write a thesis statement
Four Square Writing Method This is the Four
Square writing Method and it was developed by Judith S. Gould   and
Evan Jay Gould. Normally it is used for primary kids but we also used it
in junior and middle schools. Today, let us learn how to construct a the...

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Thesis statement is an engine of an essay that moves
the information down the paragraphs in very logical order. Any student daring
to write without the thesis statement will never have complete control over the
content of the essay. In other words, the flow...

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Controlled Writing
the four strands, writing is the most challenging of all because writing
comprises of all aspects of language: syntax, vocabulary, cohesion of the
words, spelling and logical arrangement of ideas. According to Shields (2010),
“writing is a form of c...

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Let’s talk exam...
For some kids-the intensity is never like before-especially at
this hour; kids could be seen hitting the books harder than ever!     They
clearly understand that much of what they have learnt will be now measured
through the medium called Exams. Thus, this ...

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Sex Education and Parents
because many of us-we didn’t receive any healthy sex education from our
parents do not mean that we should continue that same trend. Sex education has
been handled ineptly in our family circle. A sexually developing kid has
very feeble idea about sex...

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Good Governance in the Classroom setting?
is an exhibition of one’s true governance; and how you teach and interact especially
in classroom setting explicitly reflects your style and quality of governance.
Therefore, every individual that bangs into teaching needs to first clearly

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He got a smile...
Sometimes life springs right in front of you and he hollers
at you, “Boy, got you this time!”    Startle-you gasp unable to believe that life can be so
overwhelming at times.   What he does-he rolls his sleeve and neatly pulls out one of
his favourite monst...

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i am a fish...
laugh at him, they think he is worst than a mole-they swear all kinds at him-“small!”
“Forsaken!” “Cursed one!” “Alien!” “Prehistoric” Tags like these go on and on…
and most shockingly, they testify him as a perfect synonym for limitation. Yes,
my fri...
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