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Hamster Huey
I read a LOT, I write, I review books on my blog and various other places, and I read some more.
I read a LOT, I write, I review books on my blog and various other places, and I read some more.

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Just A Thought
This morning my little brother walked up to me and asked if I "was usually this black". I had the same moment of horror the rest of you undoubtedly just did. But you know what? I was wearing all black. And I am completely sure that he would have said exactl...

I'm trying to find a book I read once. What I remember is that there's a scene (I think near the beginning) where a character notices that their feet (and I think hands) are sore, and then realize that they've bitten off all of their nails in order to make a lockpick. This has been driving me crazy all weekend, so if you have any idea please let me know. I think it's a YA book but I can't be sure.
A few more details: I'm pretty sure the character's suffering amnesia in this scene, they're definitely walking down a hallway of some sort, and I'm almost positive it's a girl.

That moment where you're too ashamed of having taken time out of your busy schedule to have read the book to review it.
I'm busy reading Varney the Vampire, by the way, which is why I haven't really been posting. Sorry about that.

Is there anyone with a copy of The Last Continent handy who can tell me what page the "we may even find out why the duck-billed platypus" line appears? Line number would be awesome too. Especially if you could post a scan; it's really important that I get this right. 

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Read this before adding new feedback (Windows 10)
Yes, I know, I'm supposed to be reviewing books, not endlessly reading Windows 10 feedback. I swear, I'm reading books too. Just...more slowly and with lots of feedback in between. Hello, all. I'm a book reviewer who is incredibly annoyed by the complaints ...

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Hello all, Good news. Today I got an email from Goodreads claiming that my automatic posting should be back up. I don't know why they didn't email me when it went down, but I guess if it works now I'll forgive them. I'm currently trying to write a 10 page p...

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Review of A Brother's Price
That's Jerin, in case you were wondering. The wimpy one with long hair being carried (that other one is his sister- her hair's actually longer than it should be- not sure which one, as this scene does not actually appear, but since it can be presumed to hav...

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Some more books
Another long list of short review, sorry. I'm busy. And no one's reading this. I should possibly give up. The Last Leaves falling, by Sarah Benwell 2.5/3 Actually, I will post the cover, because it may not look great but in the context of the book it's a gr...

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Homeland by R.A. Salvatore
Wait a second... there's nothing about this cover I can call out as innacurate! 2.7/3 Ah, pure fantasy, that dying species. It's a bit like hard science fiction in that the author takes themselves so seriously I have to work not to laugh at them. But once I...

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And a lot more
It's kind of been forever since I last updated this. Sorry about that. I hope someone's still reading it. I've been really busy doing things such as finishing all of geometry in eight days (although, come to think of it, that's not really an excuse since it...
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