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Valerie Brown
Future librarian, amateur genealogist, breast cancer survivor and so much more!
Future librarian, amateur genealogist, breast cancer survivor and so much more!

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Said goodbye to my dad today. :( That's one genealogy entry I'd rather not have to record.

A little disappointed that the subject line of the email I just received from Find My Past said "Celebrate St. Patty's with Irish records." Really, shouldn't they know better?

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This should matter to all of us.

Found something on Find-a-Grave that provided a maiden name for my g-g-g-grandmother, which I figured I'd never know. I didn't even have an inkling of what it might be. Obviously, I have to have more proof, but a couple of puzzle pieces have fallen into place just this afternoon... things are getting interesting!

I'm seeing a pattern in some of the obituaries of people in one of my ancestry lines. A couple divorces and one or both remarry. But when the of the original couple dies, the children write the obituary as if the divorce never happened. 

Oncologist appointment went GREAT. If all goes well with my one year MRI in a couple of months (which it will), I don't go back to see her until October!! Woohoo!

Just killed most of my lunch hour looking at gardening ideas on Pinterest. Is it spring yet???

I had no idea that there were websites that were closed on Sundays. And now I kind of feel like an idiot for not thinking that there might be. Cultural awareness fail.

Thinking about a trip to Home Goods tomorrow... if anyone wants to ride along...

I woke up realizing that it's almost four years to the day (January 21) when we had to say goodbye to Mickey. Needless to say, I was relieved when The Zola Cat appeared a little more like herself this morning. She's still going to the vet, though.
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