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GOD has put it in my heart to get HIS word out to drug add. and to homeless people who NEED HELP and to know they are LOVED by OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! for ive been set free of all bondage and covered by HIS LOVEING GRACE!!!AMEN AMEN!!! ill do this by HIS WILL over my life in JESUS NAME and let them know theres HOPE!!!the BIBLE says in 2Corinthians6:16 "I WILL DWELL IN THEM AND WALK AMONG THEM.AND THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE."I do need help with this so any help would be a Blessing!our GOD loves a cheerful giver and, that to is in the BIBLE!I trust in HIM with all my heart and i know he will deliver!AMEN AMEN!!!i give the GLORY TO GOD!!!Thank you for reading this and know GOD is with you when you BELIVE in your prayer!!!STAY BLESSED!!!
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