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Google Technology User Group in Manchester, England
Google Technology User Group in Manchester, England

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Following on from the last post...

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The latest Google Code Jam has been announced and opens for registration in a month, and this year it's taking place in our very own capital, London! The top prize this year is $15,000, but we all know that pales compared to knowing that you'd be one of the world's top programmers (and even if you don't make it that far, the fun of participation is pretty fabulous too).

You can use any language and any environment you wish as long as the interpreter/compiler is freely available (including Visual Studio Express if you're so inclined). So what are you waiting for? Get practising!

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So HTML5 is a bit awesome, yes?

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This looks rather awesome, and is possibly one of the most extensive demonstrations of the power of the web yet with its usage of WebGL, CSS3, Web Audio, WebRTC and more...

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Web standards, just casually going forward and rendering Skype obsolete since 2013. ;-)

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Continuing with our group project (hopefully with less bananas this time) and catching up on Google’s developer news, we’ll also be discussing some important details for the future of the group, including the transition to Google’s new guidelines on developer groups.

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Day is provisional.

The topics will consist of a continuation of our group learning project using Apps Script and a general catch-up on developer news.

Before anything else: there won't be a GTUG meeting tonight, sorry! Next Monday looks more likely this month.

So we had a break over the Christmas season, as no-one likes to be pestered with code during a holiday, but we'll be getting back into the swing of things pretty quickly and featuring all the development news of the last month. Keep tuned!

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Just so you know if you're using the older versions of the YouTube API and you're dealing with any absurdly large channels...
We want to give developers advance notice about an upcoming change to the behavior of versions 1 and 2 of the YouTube Data API. This change will only affect developers who make requests against the uploads feed of channels that contain a very large number of videos—250,000 videos or more.

Currently, it’s possible to request the entire uploads feed for such channels, one page of results at a time. Starting on Tuesday, November 13, it will only be possible to retrieve the most recently uploaded 250,000 videos in a channel’s uploads feed, even if there are more videos than that in the channel. Search feeds remain limited to 1000 videos, and this blog post ( explains the difference between search and uploads feeds.

Please note that this change will not affect either the playability of the older videos in a channel (they can still be played via the standard YouTube Players) or the ability to retrieve a video entry if you know the video’s ID. It also does not affect version 3 of the API, which relies on a different mechanism for paging through the videos uploaded to a channel.
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