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Ann Ward
On the Beach - In the Woods - Livin' Life
On the Beach - In the Woods - Livin' Life

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Father's Day Paddle

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Father's Day on the Blackwater River
On Father's Day we decided
to take the Island King up to the Blackwater River for a day of
paddling and playing. We packed up our kayaks
and his canoe (he says the Indian in him whispers that he needs to be
in a canoe not a yak) grabbed the Youngest Island ...

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By definition the
international word for distress is Mayday. Well, that seemed to be
the word of the day for the ENTIRE month of May. We started the month off
with the refrigerator breaking. And because the fridge is seventeen years
old, the part needed to ...

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The Mullet Man
The Island King were
sitting in the boat last weekend watching a school of mullet swim by,
making me wish we'd brought the mullet net. After sitting a bit I went
for a walk along the shore and when I looked up I saw the Mullet Man. The Mullet Man is awesome...

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Hello Clarice

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Meet Clarice
A few years ago we beached
our boat on a deserted island and got out to do some exploring. As I was wandering around
the island, I looked over in a bush and saw a mannequin head. She was looking right at
me and I knew I had to help her. After all, she was s...

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The Oven Blew Up
Last night The Island Girl
came home from school to spend the weekend. The Oldest Island Boy is
staying in Gulf Breeze during the week to work and he came home for
the weekend too so we decided to make a spaghetti feast to celebrate
all of our birdies being...

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Dad Teaching Mom to Text
My parents are
intelligent, educated people who cannot for the life of them figure
out anything in the technology department created after the year
2000. Dad and I were in Walmart
one afternoon and he wanted to go through the self check out aisle but he

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A Thanksgiving Tradition

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Am I on a Watch List Now?
Last night the Youngest
Island Boy and I ran up to the Circle K for some ice cream. As we pulled up to store
we see about 7 police cars, a couple of guys handcuffed and sitting
on the curb and a LOT of guys wearing SWAT type vests. We parked away from the
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