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Google helped me edit some of my Bangkok photos which is helpful since I've been so busy taking them that I've been getting behind on editing.
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+Nathan Rogers scroll through Chrome tabs on Windows. :)
Annoyed by Google having broken the ingenious "Pig Toolbox (Super Gestures)" extension in Chrome 32?
So was I. While crxMouse ( is a decent replacement for mouse gestures, I was missing the possibility to scroll through my tabs with the mouse wheel.
Since no extension developer seems to be caring, I have thrown together a little Autohotkey script. Works well form me, so I thought I could share it: MouseWheelTabScroll4Chrome.exe
Should work with any 64-bit version of Windows.

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Weird Things That Did/Still Scare Me
I, like many people, have a strange imagination. That imagination, although great in some areas, can do some crazy things to my brain. As a kid I would make up the strangest things and believe in even stranger things. Like octopuses living in Arizona lakes ...

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Vaulty is an app that helps you manage privacy on your device. You can hide pictures and videos in vaults secured by passwords.
Let me know what you think. Always love feedback.

And we're currently accepting new beta testers.

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Want to beta test Android apps?
Get early access to new features and help improve and shape the development of our applications by joining our beta testing community.

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Basic stuff but still wisdom for android devs/UX engineers.
Today's #AndroidDev #Protip on text appearance and theme attributes is by +Katherine Kuan, the newest member of Android Developer Relations (welcome, Katherine!)

When choosing font sizes for your app, using too many different sizes can be visually distracting and confuse the user as to what information is important. To be consistent with other apps on the platform, you can use the standard set of type sizes provided by the framework: small, medium, or large.

To use a standard text size (and color), instead of setting the TextView's android:textSize directly, set the android:textAppearance to a predefined theme attribute [1] such as android:textAppearanceLarge:

    android:textAppearance="?android:textAppearanceLarge" />

As of API 19 (KitKat):
?android:textAppearanceSmall is currently 14sp
?android:textAppearanceMedium is currently 18sp
?android:textAppearanceLarge is currently 22sp

These default sizes and concepts are also documented in the "Typographic scale" section of the Android Design guide [2].

Note that setting the text appearance will also affect the default values for text color attributes such as android:textColor and android:textColorHint. You can always override the default values by providing those attributes directly on the TextView element:


Also note that you don't necessarily have to use the system default appearances. You can create your own set of type sizes and colors that fits your desired visual design. For information on creating your own theme attributes, see the #Protip we posted on the topic back in October [3].

Lastly, if you want to check out the definition of these standard text appearances in the framework code, look for "textAppearanceLarge" in the Theme.Holo (or Theme.Holo.Light) definition in themes.xml [4]. The attribute values will be style resources (such as TextAppearance.Holo.Large), for which you can find definitions  in styles.xml [5]. In the example above, note that TextAppearance.Holo.Large inherits from TextAppearance.Large, which in turn inherits from the standard TextAppearance style.


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Animals with misleading names. Can you think of any others?
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