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Introducing Google+ Create India Program

We're very excited to announce Google+ Create India! As per the name, it’s is a regional chapter of Create Program and It mainly focuses on learning, growing, and collaborating with Indian talented members, while accessing privileged information to shape G+. Creators on Google+ and other networks who are active, love sharing their passion and have high quality Indian relevant content are qualified for Create India. Check out our website, and apply if you are interested. Before you apply, please read what is Create India program is all about.

What is Create: India ?

This is a question that came us while onboarding members to the community.

India has made significant advances over the period of time and today India is a very diverse country with more than 1.2 Billion people. Different regions have their own culture. Language, food, festivals and art are various aspects of Indian culture. Talking about India, there are some many things why I am proud to be an Indian. To tell a few: we respect our elders, Bollywood; with about 1000 films produced every year, Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google Inc. etc... Let’s show everyone what cultures and traditions we possess by creating inspiring and fascinating content. By doing this we not only spread awareness but also stimulate Google+ as whole.

Google+ Create India is not only a country specific but also a new chapter of Google+ Create that puts makers, artists, influencers and experts in their field in front of a expansive Indian audience. It is a hub of high quality creators from India where they build relationships through shared passions. Our aim is to help you more be more successful on and off Google+.

What does more successful mean?

Get Recognition in Google+ by featuring your Collections, verifying your profile, promoting your communities. Ultimately we want to connect you to a larger audience who’ll appreciate what you do. And if you share your wins with us here, we may talk about them on our Google+ social media channels (we have an active Twitter following for example)

Network - Connect, share and collaborate with other talented creators. Learn some new tricks like use of photography/ video in posts, communicating with followers, using other social media channels to promote your content. You might also share some creative ideas around your specific art, craft of subject. Maybe collaborate on creative, educational, or charitable projects.

Influence — We'll be having conversations about what tools you need and want to be more productive, and to express yourselves on Google+ in the way you want. For example, what metrics are useful for tracking your success? How would you like to be able to present yourself in your profile? What's hindering you from being productive? How would you like to able to manage your content? How can we help you communicate better with your audience, and them with you?

Ultimately you'll help us shape Google+ Create India so that it is most relevant to you. What you're seeing now is the first steps on a long and ambitious journey. Over time we want to bring a lot more talented people here, from India with all kinds of skills and passions. In fact we think you'll be so excited and inspired in this community that you'll help us grow.

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Feel free to comment if you have any question regarding the program
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To all my fellow G+ users form India: welcome to Create!
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