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This article spotlights a huge problem and a huge pet peeve of mine.  What I'm talking about specifically is shady business practices when it comes to internet marketing and local businesses.  Well lets not be PC about it I'm talking about criminals that take money and give nothing back.  This is not only unethical it also makes things harder for reputable SEO companies to get business because they have to overcome the last company that screwed them over.  Once a business owner gets burned once it will make him/her distrust anyone from the same industry.  And honestly can you really blame them.

Here is the link for today's articles.

Most business owners have very little knowledge of internet marketing because if they did they wouldn't be looking which makes them prime candidates to be targeted by less-than-reputable companies that are just looking to make a quick buck.

I would suggest that you deal with a local company that is in your area so that way if something happens you aren't trying to fight with someone thousands or miles away.  Also if they are local the chance of them running away is much lower.  If you have the time you can also do a little bit of research.  If you know a little bit about things it will be harder to trick you into buying services you don't really need.

As you do with all things it is important to go into it with as much knowledge as you can to avoid these types of problems.  Being armed with information will often be enough to stop you from making a poor choice when it comes to internet marketing.

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This article is talking about the global reach of the internet and how it applies to marketing as a whole.  I'm going to twist it a little bit to show a way for small business owners to add another revenue stream with minimal extra effort that most people would not think about.  Even if you are a local business you can still use the global reach of the internet to make money using a site everyone knows and trust, Amazon.

Here is the link for today's articles.

Lets take a small local hair salon.  If you have a site that gets a good amount of traffic (which will happen with a proper marketing plan) for terms that aren't directly related to your local business customers you could use that traffic to sell packages of hair products that solve specific problems.  Just think if you have a pages about how to take care of your hair at the end you could put a link in for a package that you recommend to fix the problem.  You could take orders via your site and ship out the products yourself.  

Or you could make it easier and just use Amazon and push people to your sales page on Amazon to sell your packages.  Use Amazon Fulfillment Centers to utilize their distribution channels and customer support to save yourself. Basically you send say 50 packages to them and they will take care of the shipping, customer service, returns, processing, etc.  They do take a percentage of the sale for their time and effort but for many the percentage is worth it.

It is just another way that a local business can profit from using the internet in a way that most local webmasters might not think about.

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These two articles are not going to knock your socks off with the information but they will help you out all the same.  These articles are about terms and definitions of common terminology in the online marketing world.  Even though this type of information is not very exciting it is very necessary.

Here are the links for today's articles if you would like to check them out for yourself.

Knowing the terminology for an industry typically is the difference between having a firm grasp on what someone is saying and being totally lost.  Every industry and sometimes even within a specific business itself it will have its own terminology and you have to know it if you want to understand things.

If you are a newbie to the internet marketing world or if you are  a small business owner struggling to understand this article is a for you.  It goes over some of the most used terms in the industry and will make sure the next time someone tells you to check your daily metrics or that you need to add an alt tag to a picture for better SEO rankings that you will actually know what that person is talking about.

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E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to build a relationship, and trust, with your readers.  It is also a great money making tool if used right and in conjunction with relationship building.  When you build a trusting relationship and provide valuable information on a regular basis your readers will be more likely to buy things that you recommend or sell yourself.  This is the biggest single thing behind getting the most out of e-mail marketing

Here is the link for today’s article if you would like to check it out for yourself.

The article goes into three different points on e-mail marketing.  The information given in the article is great and gives a large part of the strategy.  It does leave out something which is that things are different for every business.  E-mail  marketing, and internet marketing as a whole, require a different tactic for every business and industry.  Some niches might be more appropriate to send daily e-mails and some might be right to only e-mail once a month.

Something political news related for instance would be more likely to be appropriate to send a daily e-mail than someone in say the Chinese pottery making niche.  I don’t know anything about Chinese pottery but I’m guessing there isn’t enough information to send a daily e-mail.  If I'm wrong my deepest apologies to all of the Chinese pottery makers out there.

To read about my case study I'm currently doing check out my blog here.

Today's article isn't talking about small business.  Most, if not all, of the ideas expressed can be useful in the world of local business sites as well.

Here is the link for today's article if you would like to read if for yourself.

I think the article is was well written even if the information isn't what I would call new. A couple thing I would like to make about when it comes to this article.

First don't just go for all high value links. If you want to look natural you will have both high and low value links.  A site that has content good enough to get a site from a PR6 should be able to get a couple hundred links from a SR1.  SR = site rank which is a Google ONLY measure of how important your site is.  Make sure you are getting your links from as many possible VARIED sources as you can.  Forums, press releases, internal links, articles, videos, social media, file sharing as examples of just a few of them.

Point number seven talks about competition and this is were local SEO has a huge advantage over traditional SEO. In local there is much less competition and much easier to get ranked for your site's main keyword. It is much easier to get ranked for jacksonville florida landscaper then the keyword term landscaper.

My biggest problem is #2. I do agree that we are all in it to make money so we can take care of our families but putting your customers first is not something that you should have to fake it is something you should just do. If you put your customer first and offer them excellent value for something that they want and/or need all while exceeding their expectations in the process the money will take care of itself.

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This is not an article is the normal traditional sense.  This non-article article gives more helpful information than most articles.  And because of the use of the image it is much more memorable than most articles are.  The article is talking about the different social media platforms and their strengths and weaknesses that go along with each specific major network.

Here is the link for today's article if you would like to check it out for yourself.

I think pretty much every small business owner knows the power of social media and the internet and the reason most have not gotten online yet is because they think it is too expensive or time consuming to be online.  And in the old days this was probably true for most business but in today's world of advancing technology and more companies vying for your business you can get it done for a lot less.  Even cheaper if you are willing to do some work yourself, or if you have someone at your company that you can delegate certain things too.

Your social media and overall web presence is important today and will become even more important in the future.  If the economy doesn't turn around it will become even more important to be able to drive business to your door in the most cost effective ways possible.  A mixture of social media, old school SEO and e-mail marketing, text message marketing, and apps will make almost any business grow.

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In the article today we are going to talk specifically about industrial type companies and their social media/internet marketing strategies and a little bit about how they differ from other types of business.  The article points out that industrial companies have not traditionally had to put any real time or attention into their website since they first made it, and probably not even that much though than.

By the way here is the link for today's article if you would like to read if for yourself.

Because these types of companies deal directly with their vendors and suppliers there have never really had a need for anything more than a basic website, if that.  But boys the times they are a changing.  Industrial companies have quite the need for an internet presence as a B2B or B2C company but they can at least have a human/SEO friendly site and be on Facebook, and maybe Twitter, if nothing else.

I probably wouldn't put quite the emphasis on it as the writer of this article but judging by the links at the bottom the writer is part of a company that specializes in industrial internet marketing so take it with a grain of salt.  I used to work for a shower enclosure manufacturer so I can say from personal experience that the writer of this article is correct in that these types of companies have very poorly laid out sites and no online presence.  In today's internet based world every company should have a site for their company, and a Facebook page.  Honestly you could ever use your Facebook page as your site but I would suggest having a site and Facebook for better results with minimal extra cost..

If you want to view today's results please head over to my blog to find out were I stand as of today.

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Chatwing is a service that allows you to embed shoutbox in Facebook pages, providing a new stream of real-time communication for a lot of Facebook users.  Chatwing has been used on Wordpress sites for awhile now so it is not some new technology with a ton of bugs in it.  It is just new that it is able to be embedded into Facebook pages.

Here is a link to the article itself if you would like to read it for yourself.

Chatwing provides streaming video to up to 600 people in real time which is huge for businesses.  It is also a totally free service to use which is always a huge plus when budgets are tight.  With Chatwing you are able to create a customizable live chat box feature inside Facebook.  In 1 minute or less users have the ability to customize the size, color, and fonts of the chat product.

The only potential downside is that right now it can only be done via the Lujure platform.  This is a downside only because it is another piece of software.  If you aren't familiar with Lujure it is a Facebook FanPage builder.  It is a great product and one that I am currently using to build my FanPages so it is a product I recommend.  There is a free version of Lujure with a lot of great feature but if your budget can afford it I would strongly recommend upgraded to the $30 per month package which gives you a lot more functionality as well as the ability to create more pages and tabs if you so desire.

If you don't have a FanPage yet check out Lujure as it makes building the FanPage much easier.

To view all of my results please visit my blog for full details on how my case study is going.
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