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Nick Gallop
Is not sure he would still like to work for Google.
Is not sure he would still like to work for Google.

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Dahlias from Mom's garden.
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Dahlias are gorgeous

Apparently loading chrome extensions doesn't work properly on Google+. I suppose thats another 'feature'.

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Why designers/developers thought this fixed header thing was a good idea I dont think I'll ever know.

Did it just spill off the paralax sites that had to use it to present some kind of limited affordance?

Its gotten out of hand. 

Nexus 5: ordered. 

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One of the gorgeous dahlias from Buchart Gardens on our honeymoon.

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This is some amazing pitching motion. 9/10 pitchers cannot disguise a pitch this well.
The Physics of Baseball

Yu Darvish is a 26-year old pitcher from Japan. His throwing motion for different kinds of pitches is so similar, it makes it very difficult for batters to detect what's coming. (This animated GIF shows 5 pitches superimposed in one image: watch how his arm follows a similar path, but the balls go 5 different ways.)

Why is that important? According to Steve the Ump (, a batter has 4/100th of a second to decide to swing or not. If a right-handed batter swings 1/100th of a second too soon, the ball goes foul. If the batter swings 1/100th of a second too late, the ball goes foul. So when an announcer talks about "split-second decision-making" by a batter, that's how much the second gets split.

(GIF source: Deadspin

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