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The 2017 Bonnaroo lineup is out! What do you think?
2017 Bonnaroo lineup is out. Headliners are U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Weekend. Tickets on sale now. The Farm is waiting on you.
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Looks like U2 is sure to be a hit in the Manchester area. ! 
Went to Bonnaroo in 05' and 06' and had an incredible time. I'd love to see U2. Glad to see some bands I'm still familiar with on the lineup :-)
It looks like an absolute blast...if only I had money for a plane ticket!
it seems like to be a great festival!!

I'm online now trying to get tickets to U2's stadium show in Philadelphia this summer. Skipped the last tour, but really want to see them play THE JOSHUA TREE in its entirety. I never listened to the full album until I read Tom Morello's comment "this album probably prevented me from killing someone when I first moved to Los Angeles.."
+John Widmer Indeed, there has definitely been a shift in the predominant type of music from jam bands to more electronic music, but they still find a way to bring a wide range of artists. Also 05 and 06 were amazing years for Bonnaroo. 
+Brian Cicioni Its unreal how much their stadium show tickets go for. I hope you are able to get a few! 
Cat Lin
Looks like a fun festival!
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